Reflection after two thousand hours in Conan

Without a doubt it is a game that I hate and love equally, I hate it because of the bugs and the way the Siptha recipes are distributed, it is that this random thing is not pleasant to you, many hours passed to have the recipes that I wanted a thousand hours almost on this map that’s too much.

Not only this, that you enter a vault, you do the whole vault and in the end nothing comes out gives a bad temper, this problem is still there since they released this DLC and nothing, it is worse even when your slave sticks and you are left alone fighting luckily I already killed everything by myself, I learned from these same bugs

The loot of some bosses is absurd, bat of 3 skulls so that at least one tool of black blood is required more than 50 attempts, it is too much, the skulls of the port I do not know how many times I killed them and they still do not give me the torch, they It is not necessary because this map does not have a night but after so many hours you want to have everything that the game can give you.

the camps and areas of the game, the highest parts have loot and lore very basic does not make you want to climb all that for so little, the islands one is useful to go for the saber teeth, the others are wasted it has nothing that matters Why not put a 3 skull boss with exclusive loot that makes you want to go there.

Please edit the names, repeated armor, and weapon designs well, the same for thralls, I know that the developers put a lot of love into the game, but some do a lot of copy-paste, that’s the least professional thing that exists.

This island was perfect to develop navigation and boats, I don’t think they will now but they should think about it in the future.

Well, nothing to congratulate them and encourage them to continue working, so why not see this game well finished correctly one day and why not a remastering with Unreal Engine 5 or a Conan 2 with a map somewhat more similar to that of the books in size and location of the factions.

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