Altar issues on 2985

Game mode: server 2985
Problem: altar protection does not wear off
Region: south america

There is an issue with the altars here on our server. You can build them and level them up normaly . .but if you have the certain amount off coins you dont even need a priest to put the protection on …and it does not wear off.
Actually it is a nice bug but on the other side we can not raid some bases and since we are at war here on this server it anoys a little.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: altar
2.level altar
3. Put protection on amazed

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Hey there,

Our team is aware of this issue and they’re looking into it.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

@Sangra good to know your clan is using this bug…

This is legal @Ignasi? We can be banned if we use this? I want to know.

We can shut down our server, but if we can use protection, i will do it. But i have to know if ban is possible in this case.


Ps: stop playing apex and fix our server lol thanks again

It is a known issue and it’s getting patched. It is morally questionable but not illegal.

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