Alternative ways to recruit people instead of enthralling them?

Will you consider adding some more civilized ways to recruit people? Slavery is very much against my moral code and that’s why I played online a few times but abandoned the gameplay quickly. This makes me mostly just play locally as a lone adventurer.


There have been a lot of posts on this topic. I’d suggest that if you talk to certain non hostile Thralls, there would be a lesser or greater chance that they would simply volunteer to join you based on your charisma. It would be a hidden value players have that would be based on a number of factors i.e. how many Thralls you’ve murdered etc. Also a reverse purge, where hungry Thralls show up to join if you can make food and beds for them.


I always liked the idea of freeing enslaved citizens from Thrall camps (Dafari, for example, saving a slave from being eaten). I feel like your second idea of having refugees come to your city as it grew was part of the concept for the City Life system once upon a time, but I could be remembering wrong.

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id would love to see this happen but they gotta redo the thralls mechanics. Currently its just a crude version. But with the addtion of pets… you can see the changes that worked. No longer does the Item delete itself. and you dont bonk it on the head. Next step… would have to be to introduce a dialogue option where you gotta test your charisma ability in not only rescue but persuading the person of interest to join you…Or… introduce a timer , which is modified if you feed and water him/her ,of which said follower follows you to your base and you hook him/her up to a diplomatic station thus still take just as long but a different way to do it.

Your kidnapping/poaching pets btw. I can see from an rp standpoint. I play PvP so I’m not versed in that play style but I don’t care too much about bonking someone on the head. I wouldn’t mind a non-enslavement route but I won’t use it. And a reverse purge might be a little over the top I mean purges don’t happen enough or act the way they should why mess with that even further.

Yes its some topics about to befrend one neutral city in diferent wayes and ther is the way to do frendly recuting.

Maybe ad some sort off barack stations/beads to atract people from that faction.

I would also suggest that some Thralls function like merchants. They randomly spawn in certain areas and are of various random professions. Instead of their menu selling items, they sell services for a certain amount of gold or silver coin per day. Once the first payments made, they follow you. Coins can be dumped in the thrall pot, or some kind of payment box and each day cycle a coin could be ‘consumed’ by the Thrall. If you don’t pay, they leave. Maybe this could apply for named Thralls since they are rare.

Will you think about adding some a lot of civilized ways in which to recruit people? Slavery is extremely abundant against my ethical code and that’s why I compete on-line many times however abandoned the gameplay quickly. This makes American state principally simply play domestically as a lone adventurer.

A good game have options to get what you need so more wayes to populate youre Town is a good thing …

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They do plan on a settlement system at some point it’s unsure when it’ll happen but was part of the hype for the original release of the game. Asking them to rush a non-slavery alternative now could do various things to that schedule to include cancelling, slowing, or putting on hold to work on these demands. It’s a game and your character is usually a criminal with, sometimes, very bad crimes. It’s great you have morals but it’s a game and if slavery bothers you think this way. You just went to their camp and slaughtered them murderer. Conan lore is rich with slavery and as I said and as they said there is an alternative route coming be patient.

the problem is (and i agree - i don’t like the whole slavery bit but after people attack me its ‘you’re fair game now, jerkface’) that this game is about a very UNcivilized society. or lack there of. I’d love some kind of mechanic for befriending and earning trust. you can do it in other games - in everquest 2 you can win the respect of a clan of dark elves by bringing them a hard to get but highly valued food - owlbear meat. In this game we could do the same thing. have recruits offer themselves after you establish good faction status with them. but that’s a nightmare database looking to happen

I’ve suggested that there are random encounters on another very similar thread. The encounter is a thrall making a request of various difficult, matching thrall tier, completion gains the thrall. The new system, all I ask, has the same level of difficulty and time consumption.

Hey, into the kill or be killed world of the Exiled Lands, can someone make a mod where instead of killing people we just shake hands and enjoy milkshakes together?

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Please let’s not break the immersion. It would be berry juice.

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-Randomly placed neutral traveling thrall(s), either they are still standing and have a request for you with the reward of goods to join you, or you stumble upon them being ambushed and helping them survive the attack granting you the reward.

-If other factions/cities offer some method of being neutral, offer their own thrall salesman like in the Set city in exchange for coin. Could also tie the first part to this with a “mini-purge” on their settlement, depending on the size, and helping them fight the purge off grants you a reward such as a pet or thrall of theirs.

-stumble upon an exile dehydrated or starving and offer them food and shelter. Upon helping them, they will follow you and require a bed placement in a shelter. While placed, players cannot set that point as their spawn point however after a duration the thrall will become yours to place by standing by the bedside awaiting your arrival.

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You guys ought to use different phrases to address a person. It looks like the concepts from the game have been stuck in your mind as if everyone NPC is a “thrall” to you.

I never really saw it as slavery… (its lore related…and pokes at movies i guess)

person tries kill you
knock them out
toss on wheel
they see your not such bad person
they join you

As much as i would want more content/quest givers… some stuff that needs fixing first.

Yes but the lore is also full of folowers, people com to youre base caus you are so good, you give safty or several other reasons.

Sounds interesting.
Then again a limit is probably hard to get.
Maybe have them act as mercenaries and replace your current guard?
(Otherwise people will just reason how that is a bad idea due to getting high charima thralls every 15 minutes. And I think I agree.)

There is a giant area which seems like a trading place. I am talking of seperemu and I think Funcom hasnt been able to properly finish that camp?

Buying a random slave for i.e. 10 gold coins and some slave of a certain kind - maybe even of a certain tier might cost 100-500 gold coins.

My version?
Thrall tries to kill me.
Thrall gets knocked out.
Bound to the wheel to repent.
They show repentance.
They want to work off their life debt because of me not having killed them.

However. Sometimes, thralls at Derketos place just commit suicide instead.

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Well, as someone who uses Derkito…I dont think they mind, I’m pretty sure dieing with “OH” face is a good way to go. XD