Feeding thralls and pets in solo player

As you forcing us to feed our animals and slaves your forcing every solo player to became an hunter. Down the great exile who was leading a city, now he is just a hunter and a farmer.
No honestly I can understand your reaction agaisnt the guys who get tons of slaves on servers, but if a clan of dozen of people can handle this problem a solo player can’t.
One thing you could do to help solo player keep making great bases full of people and not empty is allow Thralls and pet, to :
Thralls could share their food in their inventory if one of their mate is on the point to get hungry.
Thralls and Pets could get meat from ennemies they kill. Plus Thralls could take the items they deop.
Finally Thralls and Pets could « hunt » animals an ennemies in a certain aera around the point where you placed them.
Then when a Thralls or Pet get hungry he don’t die of starving but he become unable to regen his life.

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Well that could be a thing that players could have as an option. On official you will have the death of hunger, and on private and solo you could chose.

Perhaps funcom’s goal is to make the base game, on public servers, to be so tedious and annoying that it forces everyone onto private servers with mods that fix everything broken and unwanted in the base game?

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that would be great since i play solo on the xbox one and tend to build small cities. the other option is to have new thrall types, i tend to capture a lot of thralls to make it seem like my city has some life to it.

I’d be okay with a server checkmark like there is with the decay system:

X - Thrall Starvation On/Off

Slider - Starvation rate (Raising this slider increases the time that food will keep a thrall from starving).

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