Thrall Starvation setting and Hunter Thrall suggestion

Please, please, about thralls starvation… I dunno about online PVP, PVE or custom server… but if you play local and have more than one base, with good defences versus Purges, you cannot mantain enough slaves, without start playing just to feed them!

Passing from 7 days to 4 hours before starvation is madness!
Please put an affordable time for single player on vanilla settings!
I also need to explore and go for bosses and lore stuffs. I have not time with those settings.

At the moment I’m playing no more: I would just have to only hunt food for slaves now, with current settings.

Also: what about hunter thralls whom would hunt around where you place them, then take meat from corpse (they would have an additional slot to put a tool), and then bring meat to Pots? Also make pots automatically cook food (as a standard fire)… with possibility to put a cooker to cook faster.

You can adjust the thrall and pet feeding/starvation settings in the single player game to what you prefer … including turning them off so you do not need to feed at all.

Once you can make fishtraps and beehives it gets a lot easier to feed thralls and pets. Until then, gruel is easy to make and slow to decay for thralls. Pets …I’d take up a religion and feed them human meat unless they have plant fibre/berries as a preferred food.

I am working to try and compile a large list of everything the community wants to see in game before releases their annual plan for Conan exiles like they did last year. Making it even easier for Devs and players alike to find the stuff before such things happen.

If you wouldn’t mind i’d like to see this one added if it isn’t to much trouble for you!

Are you talking about adding to your topic the suggestion about hunter thralls?
Yes ok, you can add it.

I know, but I wish I could play vanilla settings.
I mean: it’s up to developers to make gaming experience enjoyable and balanced by default settings.
If I need to customize it, then a game becames another game. (My opinion.)

On the official servers which are vanilla settings for multiplayer I tested how long it took a level 1 thrall broken from the starting river area to die from 100/100 full hunger meter … it took TEN real-time days.
A crocodile I had put out in the world and decided I did not want … I watched to see how long …he slowly lost hunger points over four real-time days before I realised I did want him and fed him again.

If your thralls are dying very quickly …eg four hours after they have no food in their inventories then it is likely your single player game has an accelerated setting … possibly not intended but was changed upon an update … check your setting to confirm they match what “vanilla” should have … I’m sorry I can’t say what that is…hopefully another can help.

Possibly if you chose to start the game in a harder “vanilla” mode then the thrall/pet settings are more extreme…again don’t know what each difficulty level is meant to have as default.

Also there are a few ways to minimise the amount of time you have to spend gathering food … depending upon your level…if you don’t care about giving them the preferred diet.
Beehives to produce honey if you are level 33 or above … stacks to 100…does not decay … thralls and pets consume it.
Fish traps and shellfish traps if you are level 17 … feed raw to pets. You can cook them for thralls or if you have excess bark and are level 19, then dried them as that lasts longer …but other than honey, gruel is quick and easy to make with a long decay timer.
For pets before you can make fish traps, if you are following any of the religions and collecting to make Manifestation of Zeal you will be getting excessive amounts of human flesh during the harvest … feed to pets.

Alright cool ill be adding it shortly bro! ^^

Ok, so seems I didn’t take in consideration time they end up food and start starvation, and time they actually die by starving.

Pratically on my pot it says Thralls have 4 hours of food ahead. So it means they start being starving in 4 hours. Right?
So after they finish food, they take more days of starvation before they die?

Is it like that?

I suspect that the settings on your game are not corrrect as this sounds very harsh. I suspect that if the maximum time the thrall pot says us four hours, then they will also starve to death in four hours.

On an official server, the thrall pot indicates that the thralls have 7days until they start starving. And if they don’t have food, then yes it takes over 7days for them to starve.

I really think that it’s not that a Funcom has set the single player to be so much harder than official if you chose a similar level of difficulty… but for some bug/glitch the settings on your single player game have been changed to a really short time.

Infact also to me it said 7 days before the day I made this thread…

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