Alternatives to wells?

Hey everyone,

With wells currently not refilling, anyone found a good way to provide water without having to run all the time to a lake or river? Any plants that can make juice, or stuff like that.


I have had the same thing with a Mitra Fountain, but I have noticed that my neighbors Fountain does refill. Not sure if they fixed it and I just need to replace my bugged Fountain or if something else is going on.

from what I know so far, everything that fills over time refills normally in the session you made it, but once you log out, it stops working and you must make a new one for it to fill during that gaming session again. maybe your neighbors just built a new one

Could be, but I have used one in the same location for 3 days in a row. Maybe because the guild has someone always on? Or they rebuild daily?

Nahh. Mine works fine and is there for weeks while for some people in the server dont. Its caused by a unknown reason.

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Im on ps4 in single player btw. same problem in coop with my brother.

There is a option anyway. Yog’s meat restores hunger and thirsty.

that is if you worship yog lol

You asked for a solution =p. It is easy to learn it too, its on starting area and on the path of the first lore boss =D

Yeah, its an alternative but not one I would use :stuck_out_tongue: Im playing a Mitra hyborian/aquilonian warrior. I dont eat human flesh. But you just reminded me of the abysmal flesh in the Dregs that fills both thirst and hunger. I could go grab that, it drops a few hundreds in one go. Thanks!

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It also dont spoil if not cooked. Good guess =)

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Try to place a new well and see if it works.

as I said, it works for the current gaming session, once I relog it stops filling again.

  1. Make a metal chest. Make enough sealed waterskins to fill the chest. Take the waterskins down to the river somewhere and fill them all. You now have 45 full waterskins. Take a few out with you in your travels every time you go out.

  2. Go to one of the crystal caves and farm the fk out of it. Take your crystal back to base and smelt it into glass and then glass jars. Take those glass jars down to the water once and fill them all. Take the water filled glass jars and put them in a stove and make purified water. You should have hundreds if not thousands of purified water after this. These stack to 50 and refill half of your thirst - if completely empty of water in one bottle. If you take 10 per trip you should be good wherever you go.

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The best way I have found is to craft desert berry pulp in the fluid press. One drink will provide 50 thirst points (half the bar), and a stack of 100 berry pulp only weighs 2 pounds. If you have a scythe, you can gather berries by the hundreds along the river shores in the starting area. Or you can make compost and use it in the planter with desert berry seeds, for 50 berries per seed+compost. Throw it all in the press and it creates the drinks automatically. Once you got your berry brewing going, you can put that waterskin in a chest as you never have to worry about thirst again.

First off:
Try rebuilding your well!
The already bugged wells will never work. Build a new one and you should be fine.

Second: Having a chest filled with waterskins might help for future patches if this happens again.
Or you build in a watersource, also building in a way that you will have your own pool inside.

There I totally forgot about yog, lol. But also normal food might help with thirst - but those are cooked at the stove.

Currently I get 10 or even 5 points per one of those. They have been a really nice thing, but currently I am using my waterskin.

Are you on the PC? I’m on the PS4, and since the PC is ahead in patches, those changes have probably not made it over here yet.

Oh, yes I am on pc.
Also I didnt read your seed->fruit rate. For me that is 5 per 1 seed.

I just double checked and - on the PS4 - you indeed still get half a bar of thirst a drink and 50 berries per seed. Now I understand that 50/seed was too much, but I think reducing it to 5 is overkill. Same for the hydration being reduced. 15 or 20 for both would have been great. At least console users such as OP can enjoy berry juice for a short while yet