Am I Imagining This…

Is it me being crazy, but I swear that my legendary weapons used to have bonus attributes like bonus strength etc. So I logged in to find that weapons like my Axe of the lion doesn’t have bonus strength in the details anymore…? Is this a thing? Am I remembering wrong?


You’re correct.

It used to be part of the weapon’s details, but seems to have been removed from it and all other weapons that provide stat bonuses.

To be clear: they still provide bonuses, but you wouldn’t know unless you checked the stat screen.


I noticed this when I finally got Aja’s Bane for my thrall. Was all excited then noticed there was no stat bonus listed. But I put it on the thrall and it shows on the stats screen like Azazane said. Sneaky, sneaky.

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So…why was bonus indicator removed?

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Probably for the same reason Lasting Meals are gone. Somebody made an error.

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Dont spread this info, they could realize that they forgot to remove the bonuses and do so. LoL


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