AMD problems not fixed

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My boyfriend and I have been trying to play together on online servers for the longest time and in the past he did not have these issues with Conan. He has REINSTALLED, VALIDATED THE GAME FILES, RESTARTED PC COMPUTER, TRIED ALL WORKAROUNDS and NOTHING by now is not working. He uses AMD while I use Intel and I have NO problems besides some fps drops due to memory leaks. He gets so bad stutters that it is unplayable and his pc is WAY BETTER than mine. He does not get these issues on any other games and yes we have done together ALL THE WORKAROUNDS of AMD issues. They DO NOT work. He stutters, freezes, crashes, his pc is overheating which it never does because of these issues. And he IS NOT playing with high or ultra settings but low settings and that has no help. His fps drops are ridiculous and no there is nothing wrong with his fans or anything else. There are no other issues in ANY games other than Conan and I have no idea why this is happening. It is NOT THE MODS on the server we have tried having him playing also single playing version and he gets the same stuff having no mods installed…
I am frustrated and so is he. We love this game but it’s very hard to enjoy our time together here if we can’t play more than an hour if even that when he has to reinstall the game million times due to infinite loading screens as well as crashes etc. listed above. I have searched EVERYTHING online that I have found to help him get this fixed so we could play together but it’s not working. Even co-op is not working… Here are his specs:
CPU ryzen 1600 GPU rx 580
8GB Single DDR4 2666 MT/s
MSI Gaming AMD Ryzen B350 DDR4 VR Ready

ANY help would be very cool.

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