AMD Video drivers 18.5.1 texture issue

I’m using AMD cpu and Nvidia GPU, and also experiencing weird flickering since spring.

And this issue is even going worse and worser i would say. It’s also well noticiable in some jungle part while foggy. All shiny textures are flickering depening the angle of view, this doesn’t happen in early-acces nor just after launch.

It’s also especially disturbing if you place several furnaces in the northern part while raining outside. All is super shiny, and the furnace are flickering so that i must often quickly turn my cam away.

Like mentioned in previous posts, this is uggly, bad, but can be a realy issue for people suffering from epilepsia, making them just impossible to play the game !

Realy hope there will be a solution soon, because it make slowly the game unplayable at some point.

Now, this is unusual. This is the first time I’ve seen any mention of Nvidia being associated with this issue.
Do you know when it started and if there were any recent updates to your video drivers?

it started as i remember with one of the patch just after release, never had this issue before in early access. But i have seen report from people with nvidia cards telling about similar issues. More often, and i see it mostly associated with AMD card, but i think is in relationship with the AMD catalysator. Realtek seems be also a commun things in most case.

On amd its patch… 18.5.1 that started having the flickering fire visible throught improved furnace and chandeliers.
I thought this fixed with the ghost trees bug, but I was not watching furnaces it seens, just had to roll back to 18.4.1.

Someone reported in AMD community thread[1] that the just newly released 18.8.1 drivers solve this issue with Conan, even if it’s not mentioned in the patch.

I haven’t tested myself yet, so I can’t vouch for that… but just wanted to let you know in case someone wants to try updating and confirm.


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That will certainly be good news for us.
So far on the AMD forums, two reports of the issue being “fixed” with the 18.8.1 drivers.

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Tried the 18.8.1 drivers and it truly did fix my issues.

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great news for many people, thank you !

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I have update from v18.4.1 to v18.8.1 yesterday and the issue with the textures and flickering on the Northern Forest area when rain or thunder was in play is solved for me.

CPU I7 7700k
Ram : 16Gb
GPU : Asus Stric Rog RX 480 8Gb OC

Graphic settings: High, Textures Ultra and 4x Anti-Aliasing (FPS lock at 60)


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This is to confirm the driver update to 18.8.1 does indeed resolve the texture issue.