An admin item to have a certain base ignored by Purge?

To explain this concept,

Imagine you built a really pretty base, castle,… it’d be shame if something were to happen to it.
Meanwhile you built yourself a fortress with which you’d love to test your building skills against the purge.

What if there was an item you could place in your base that would either focus the purge on that particular base or let it be ignored?

Would this have to be an admin item?

Why would this be good?

  • Roleplaying servers can play with purge on, without having roleplaying towns or cities sacked whilst they aren’t playing PvE.

  • Singleplayer/Co-op / small communities that play together, without raiding/pvp involved on the server, have several bases around the map, but always have one contemporary base, which sees use currently, that they may want to test out against the purge.

-Special kind of wave-combat events? (tower defense style against 1 base)

Naturally this couldn’t really work well on PvP or public servers or could it?


cool idea, make it a craft-able item to protect an “large” area from a purge, RP servers will love yah for it.

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