An idea to make PvE more about survival

I see alot of people taking jabs at the lesser survival needs of end game PvE. Would it be worth it to just seriously jack up the damage required to kill animals, the damage they do, the requirements for staying hydrated, etc?

If you did this, though, you would most likely get nowhere alone at low levels.

Also, im :100:% sure you can do this in server settings, so maybe someone give it a shot!

I’d say a better approach would simply make your purge meter fill faster the more you have already built and the higher tier it is (as opposed to active participation in the game raising it). In this way, people who have numerous huge bases would basically be ‘taxed’ on their holdings by getting purged more frequently, and it might help them to reevaluate if they really want to have that level of upkeep required, or relinquish some space for the sake of stability.

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