An Option for Impatient Players

Earlier today I was out in the desert getting a tan, waiting for the sandstorm so I could get my Journey, and after a while I eventually got bored and moved on.
I’d like to have an option to automatically spawn a sandstorm from admin settings. You can decide how long it lasts, or if you want it on for even longer than normal just for the fun of it. Fighting dragons and NPCs in a sandstorm just sounds like the coolest idea ever.
And another idea that was first coined from someone already a while back I think, is a Purge me now option.

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A game is meant to be played. Sandstorms just occur randomly, similairly to other weather, meteor strikes and the Purge. The Purge may still have its issues, but Sandstorms and meteor strikes you will have to wait out one way or another.

Not 100% of the visible ‘desert’ is covered in sandstorms. Are you sure you were in the right spot?


The sandstorm was having some problems for a while and I don’t think it got fixed yet.

Basically, after the big, long delayed patch we got earlier this year, the sandstorm seems to have changed direction and frequency and as a result doesn’t cover the area it used to. In fact, there’s even reports of it showing up in the starting desert. Which, you know, is quite a shock if you’ve got bad timing. Finally get off that cross only to die in a sandstorm seconds later. :confounded:

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I didn’t know this. I hope it’ll be fixed soon for you.

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From a roleplay perspective this would be a great addition to admin panel and server settings.

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