An option on crafting stations to show what I can make

Just a toggle button which allows me to see what can be made in a crafting station with the things available.


Yeah, I’ve often wished for that - just somewhere that I can click on a resource that I’ve got and find out what I can make from it. (One of the few things from 7d2d that I find I miss in Conan.)


I believe he meant work stations. What platform is that I am on ps4 it would be funny if I have missed it since day one.

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I was going to mention for anyone interested, the IQoL mod adds a toggle to do this, but then I actually tried it and realized all of the crafting buttons disappear while using it… which rather defeats the entire purpose of it.

That said, the official addition of a DLC filter for the crafting menu is a sign that they’ve noticed the crafting panel is a huge mess now, so hopefully they’ll add this and other nice improvements soon!

@sestus2009 Sorry, that was a screenshot of where to find the toggle in the IQoL mod, but since it basically doesn’t even work I decided to nix the post. My mistake. :slight_smile:


No problem at all I am on ps4 waiting for more ingame and private server options. Tried to send a message to you yesterday from work never saved can’t remember everything I wrote.

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