An update on the next console patch

Greetings Exiles!

First of all, we would like to start off with an assurance that we will be more diligent on communicating with you all. We have kept Xbox players informed of ongoing and released improvements for the platform, but hoped to share patch news with all console players sooner and regret that it took this long. You players are the heart of Conan Exiles ever since we started this journey together in 2017, and we greatly appreciate all the support and patience you’ve shown us.

Now for the actual update. We are getting close to the next patch for consoles which will bring Xbox and PlayStation to the same version as PC, and also add several console-specific improvements. For those who haven’t followed the PC patches, here are some of the content the consoles patch will bring:

  • Progression re-balancing
  • Crafting, Stamina, temperature, healing, and shield overhauls
  • Economy update, with new specialized crafting stations, crafting thrall specializations, and recipe streamlining
  • Building upgrade system
  • Character re-customization
  • Sprint attacks
  • Hundreds of bugfixes
  • Dozens of exploit fixes, and our anti-undermesh system for the Exiled Lands
  • Improved server stability, memory use, and application-level security

We expect to patch PC to version 2.3 in roughly a couple of weeks, and aim to release the same patch for consoles by the end of this month.

More information, including on Isle of Siptah, will come in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile, thank you all for your continued support and for keeping Conan Exiles alive and kicking!

The Conan Exiles Team


Fix rain stop trying to render so many drops. Rain cause the majority of my crashes on xbox.

Perhaps you should fix the login problems first. There‘s no solution for one year now! Today login was impossible directly after server reset at 5.30 in the morning!

I don‘t need a patch when the servers are unavailable!


They did mention bug fixes hopefully that helps.

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Wow I had almost given up hope, but the server side problems do need addressing otherwise this update could be problematic, hopefully the new security measures will sort that out

@Mayra @Community thank you for updating us


Thank you very much @Mayra Mayra for the information. I will translate them into german and present them on my YT channel in the next hour.

But I must say: there are now new questions. In the last phrase you wrote: “More information, including on Isle of Siptah, will come in the weeks ahead.”

New Informations including IoS…written in the corner for PS4 Player…time for speculations :smiley:

  • Does that mean that the EA Phase will be closed and Siptah will be avaible for all plattforms, also PC, XBOX and PS4?
  • Or does it mean that Siptah will be avaible for console players, but with a still running EA Phase?
  • Or do you just wanted to say that Update 2.4 is comming soon and that these include changes to Siptah? But the Extension IoS is still in the EA and for PC only?

Don’t get me wrong. But I got often asked that by my watchers. I am happy that I can present them your plans for Update2.3 now, but the questions I asked will be the questions I already got and will get now after I uploaded the translation video :wink:

Best wishes,


@Maeroth The way I read it 2.3 To PC first who already have Sipath. Then parity patch for consoles to get us updated with the new crafting stamina etc. Then a few weeks later release of Sipath for consoles. I might be wrong but that’s the way I understand it.


As I read. By the end of MONTH, the console will be on the same PC version. So everyone happy and to sell DLC like every year. :wink:


Exactly @sestus2009, there is much room for speculation. Everyone read the phrase Mayra wrote and everybody can see it from a sligthly different path. Those three Questions are the questions my viewers would mostly ask after they read or hear it. As content creator I want to give an good answer and I hope that Mayra will answer ist :wink:


I understand not wanting to put out misinformation. There’s been plenty of that about this game over the years already. Good luck with your broadcast.


As I read it, console will be brought to the same patch as pc, which means, it will have all the inner workings of current pc version of 2.3, now with console’s Ios is dlc, so it’s up to us if we buy it and download it, and use it, so the question is I suppose will ios be made available for download on consoles at the time of the update?, That’s just the way I read it

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Thank you. Yes, I create Conan Exiles Guides, Let’s Plays and LifeStreams since the early access and the release. For me it is very important to seperate exactly which information I show. So I research a lot and ask question like these above. False informations are, as you said to many around in the www about that amazing game and are not needed.
And to you, thank you for your comment and have a lot of fun in the game :slight_smile:



Thank you, (you probably just became everyone’s favourite)

This is what players have been asking for. Just an update. Yes we would love dates of when and what but an update/communication goes a long way and lets us know we haven’t been forgotten.

Here’s hoping for continued updates and communication.



Please do folks. This is the sort of thing which builds goodwill and trust among the community. Ive always had a saying when it comes to updates: “good news is better than bad news, and bad news is better than no news”.

Now with that said, I am really, and I mean REALLY looking forward to sinking my teeth into this update. This is going to be a whole heap of content dumped in the laps of console players at once, and a whole new Map to explore!


@Croms_Faithful Be sure to save your data some where safe my friend.

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Thank you all for giving feedback and commenting.

However, I cannot take credit for this. That letter was written by all of us together. Please send your kind words to the whole Conan Exiles team! :smiley:

Also, the questions and doubts about Isle of Siptah are yet to be answered. We still have a lot of work to do in order to make it happen and we’ll update you again in the future.



Letter written by all or not, it is you who gains the credit as you posted it!! AND you replied with to us. You might as well take a bow.

Keep up the good work and cheers to the Conan Exiles Team.



Hopefully follower distance is addressed as well. Between my horse and my thrall I’m often left as the meat in an unwelcome sandwich.


There goes pvp on console gg y’all conan dead ! And rust coming out on consoles GG

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That’s part of the 2.3 patch, which PC is testing on Testlive right now :slight_smile: