An update on the next console patch

its long time problem on all EU servers i was on few in past few months the same problem is on all of them 3041 was stable for long time sry to hear its also happening there(tried to play there but that 2 clans at start made me change server fast Gigantes and forster) maybe some update will help but as we all know how the updates goes on conan it will go horrible wrong so try to log in early in the morning if you can after that its fail mission lol and also if that go for longer time when you log out if you where loged in put all your stuff from character in box or youll die on next log in and just respawn in desert with nothing on you and in log you see all your stuff was decayed again sry to hear even 3041 is down for this stupid problem ho is now as i can see on all EU servers on few this problem happening almost 6months and maybe more.

Used to play official exclusively. Last time I was interested was May 2020 to join private server with Argossean Dlc. Then went to official server was in lieu of new economy and work stations.

SquashEm you have been grumbling about the same old chestnut (ie-servers) for years now. And yes I can understand your motives for doing so. But here is the hard part, and Im expecting some additional tantrums at this statement. Official servers dont entitle you to, nor offer a guarantee of satisfaction or optimal performance. Just the same way that free to air television or public broadcasting dont entitle you to quality viewing. Yes you brought the game. But the onus of responsibility for selecting a suitable server falls to you. There is an old saying: “you get what you pay for”. And to add context to that point, official servers are free. Sending the same image to 4 different users and counting, because they still enjoy the game does not add more merit to your complaints. It just make you look entitled.

May I suggest that you instead move to a high end private server where checks and balances are rigorously maintained. Or see how it plays on ps5 when the time is at hand; darkzombie has always been an outspoken critic of the way the game runs, but he has now by his own admission, seen how the last gen consoles limitations impacted upon this.



Ciò che suggerisci è vergognoso. Una ditta seria dovrebbe garantire un servizio buono anche su server gratuiti dato che il gioco si paga. Non esiste che bisogna passare su server privati o cambiare console per avere un servizio decente. Moltissimi utenti oltre a sopportare lag e bug Infiniti lottano ogni giorno con il problema che il pomeriggio nei pve conflitto eu non si puo entrare e molti stanno buttando centinaia di ore di gioco perché non potendo entrare le loro strutture vanno in degrado. Dopo una giornata di lavoro devo innervosirmi con un gioco. La Funcom merita il fallimento.

I keep reading these types of complaints.

Funcom announced it at the start of the forum.
If players don’t read the rules and blame FC for it, then it’s rather shameful.

And when I look at your member account without meaning bad.
Don’t you take time to read.

I have 1700 hours of play, I don’t complain about things like that.
There are more important things than getting upset about something that are clear from the start how it will be.

I’ll give you a tip instead of getting upset and criticizing what Crom wrote. Spend some time reading your way through the forum.

Because then you will also notice that it is not worth getting angry about.

have a good day bounded one




I finally remember the question I forgot.

Will there be trophies again like in the exile land?
I don’t mean hunting trophies.
I mean the successes you can earn for your PSN trophy account.

Thank you for all your efforts despite Corona.


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looking forward


We heard your call and a Dev Stream will happen this Friday! Get all the information here. Please make sure to add your questions and doubts to that post as soon as possible and our team will try to answer them during the Stream.

See you then Exiles!


Got to be honest I stopped watching the streams. Its all fluff on how great the game is and what new features PC is going to get. Never fully address the huge issues with the game. Always the responses are “we know the frustration”… do you really… I dont think the dev team actually plays this game outside of development.

If the team was just straight honest with the player base instead of BS’ing every real question. It would give some type of faith back into the team. Bad new is better than no news or silents.


Its truly ridiculous…me and my clan mates have been loyal to this game since release and have got nothing but disappointment with every update. They should have said the new map would be exclusive to PC only, i mean weve been waiting for this since before the pandemic. I understand the effort it takes to develop a game but at this point they are just being lazy, if the new map drops and its not free im saying good bye to conan forever. There is no reason whatsoever us console players should have to pay for empty promises, i would have gladly threw my money at them in july of last year, or even december, but at this point its obvious they only want to cater to their PC player base because its much larger…but what they fail to realize is their disappointment is what drove their console player base away…RIP conan exiles, once rust drops there will be no console players and i can almost garuntee that, ive been on so many differenr servers from all over the world and every last person ive met cant wait for rust, at least we know the devs are actually working on it because they let us know.

Orrrr… maybe they wanted to iron out all the bugs and potential issues that were ultimately and expectantly going to arise with a new expansion and also gather player feedback to make any additional changes before they go ahead and release it for yet another platform, releasing it on playstation before that would just be creating more unnecessary work and let’s be honest, if they did release it on playstation you and everyone else would still rip it to pieces and complain about every little thing.


I understand all that completely, im upset about the empty promises and keeping us in the dark. I didnt care for something new until they mentioned a new map and it sounded refreshing, and then it came out and it was only for PC…They said console version would be later, but not this late, and then when questioned we are given no straight answer. And as far as hatching things out to make it work right, the original game itself has massive amounts of bugs that they wont fix, but yet they have no problem nerfing the good shxt so new players have their safe space…

And judging by you saying “you and everyone on console” leads me to believe your playing on PC so you really dont have a saying in the matter because you already got what you wanted. And if your on console as well your just more optimistic than i am.

This… This is Beautifull… Im so emotive and almost want to cry just by reading this.
I’ve been very sad and frustrated for not being able to play Conan with all the Official servers problems. Been begging on Forum for help hoping for a fix and after 1 Year i finally have it, and hopefully i will be able to play my Favorite game again and at a even better version of itself. This puts a big smile on my face.
And yes please, Communicate more and better with us, its frustrating getting the same answers like if you are all bots who only reply the same sentence every time, and leaving a community without any information on the issues its very frustrasting and we feel like we were abandoned.
Thank you all for this.


Early 2021 has always been the intended release date. Literally the first announcement for Siptah said so. April 1st is the end of the fist quarter. I’m going to guess (with no evidence) that it could end up being a little later (more like 2nd quarter). Which, they absolutely should be in their right to do (except this community would burn them alive for it, which they would do anyways if Funcom released Siptah to consoles tomorrow and it was a buggy mess).

But bottom line, your statement is false.


I could be wrong but I remember them saying on a stream that they were aiming for it to release in Dec 2020 and after that they said early 2021, ive been following this since it was announced and waiting in anticipation ever since so that must be why it feels like an eternity. I love conan and everything about the game only reason i brought up the bugs is because people want to play the comparison game and act like im one of those annoying nit pickers, im genuinely upset and frustrated because it seems like the console version is becoming forgotten by the devs. Its been 10 months since out last update and the game in console is slowly dying and im sure they can see that, so why put forth the effort to help a dying community? Maybe if they were more vocal about the process people would feel mire hope, but at this point nobody i know is waiting anymore, and im barley able to hold on, but the fact of the matter for me is there is really no better game out there than conan, and this also adds to my disappointment.

There announcement trailer for the Isle of Siptah that was released in September clearly says “Early 2021 Xbox/PS4” (time stamped it for ya).

I could find my dev stream summaries I’ve written, but I am pretty confident that they wouldn’t have (nor do I recall) them contradictory their own announcement trailer by saying a different release date. But, with that said, I agree with your following statement.

Yes, I can get behind that. Obviously there were plenty of PC patch notes to go by, and the Xbox Producers letters were certainly helpful. But could have Funcom done more to help console players feel more included? I think so, the process of these types of things can always be improved. But I understand the console crowd frustrations in feeling a lot left out.

2.3 will be a really big deal for consoles since it will bring patch parity (tons of patches), and I assume/guess Siptah itself not too long after that. According to this announcement page, patch parity will be end of the month. So hang in there, I’m rooting for you guys.


Im sure i misunderstood at this point because i can find nothing to support what i said, but thank you for your care for us console users lol im very excited about the patch but being the impatient person i am the wait is almost unbearable. Either way im going to stick by Funcoms side because like i said before no game is better, no matter how many times i leave, it always pulls me back, but i was playing earlier today for the first time in a long time and just remembered that they even dropped a new map in the first place, so my frustration to the fact we dont have it still was at its peak. I dont want to knock the devs because i understand you cant fix alot of this shxt over night and like you said if they just went ahead and dropped the new map with it all buggy the community would tear them apart (again the bugs for me are the least of my problems, i want those benches and new lands to tame and explore!) I always thought that they forsure need to drop the map before rust is released because literally everyone i know is waiting for it, and for the conan vets like me all we want is change. If change comes before rust hopefully the player base on console goes back up, but even then i feel alot of players are going to go to rust. Buuuutt my revolving door statement above will hopefully prove to be fact and they will come wallowing back when they realize the strategy and diversity in conan far surpasses rust by a long shot.

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Youre back GodsOfExiles!? Just in time for all of those long awaited goodies eh…[rubs hands together]