An update on the next console patch

Don’t worry too much about other games coming out. There always has been and always will be other games being a competition. Even if some players do leave for Rust, Conan Exiles is special in it’s own right (as you pointed out), and people will come back when they are getting that itch again. It is, after all at the end of a day, a video game. People burn out on games, they need variety, and variety is good. But there won’t be a singular game, Rust or otherwise, that will mark the death of Conan or something. Many people have predicted that (Scum, Fallout 76, Valheim, a few others I’m forgetting), but it’s never been true.

And big patches tend to draw people back regardless. Everybody likes to try out that fresh new patch smell :slight_smile:


This is very helpful


Yes Crom, I’m finally back. :slight_smile:
but I was never really gone, just waiting for the news that the update was finally coming.

I’m glad that FC are finally taking care of us again.
I also hope for new DLCs (cosmetics) towards the end of the year.

I’m really excited to see how the improvements will play out. :upside_down_face:

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Did you fix porking? Did y’all fix anything and nerf horses? No you didn’t … bandages are useless now on pvp fighting . Just throw the whole game out you still charge full price in this dead game when it should be free

At last Mayra. Some important and good news. U kept us, console players, waiting to long. Let´s keep waiting a little bit more but with hope then.

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You get what you pay for? Funcom promoted a product that’s been full of bugs since launch. And have given nearly zero support to console. Saying Conan was a finished product, marketing it as such, is fraud. Plain and simple.

Went on line 3507 shows empty login my my people are on

player numbers are not always right. Even on my gportal server it can show no one is there and yet there is.

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So will 2.3 fix the VOIP issues on PS4 seeing as you can not talk to anyone on private servers nor can you turn off the PTT in settings as it is not set to any button.


We’re linking the Stream recap here to help answer some of your questions.
Our team talked about incoming changes to the base game and to Isle of Siptah, console update, and much more.
A huge thank you to @Multigun for putting this together!


I lost everything again due to the inability to log in 6 month!!!
I permanently deleted the game and I will never come back to you again. thanks for spoiling my time!the worst programit I have seen in 30 years !!!

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today he writes to sony about complaints. it is ridiculous and at the same time pathetic. I will request a full refund. you can only close topics of offical servers. loudly this matter as possible and I will not let go. you don’t do that !!!

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Welcome to to the modern world SquashEm. Almost every open world game you you can buy nowadays has bugs. Just take a look at other games stil recieveing content updates: Ark Survival Evolved, Rust, Atlas, Fallout 76, Day Z, Cyberpunk 2077, The Elder Scrolls Online, Assassins Creed. They ALL have bugs! Heck even games that have finished and now have game of the year editions such as Skyrim, The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, The Sinking City still have bugs! This problem is not unique to Conan Exiles; you are just trying to single it out. Do I like this situation: no. Do I wish ot were not so: yes. But you as a consumer have a choice; you can either continue to play these despite their faults, or you can avoid open world games.

Again, if the undermeshing and exploits bother you, move to a moderated private server. You have agency in this situation.

While I agree that we should have continued recieving key fixes during Siptah’s testlive phase, to say that they have had zero support is frankly hogwash. The game has recieved dozens of fixes and free content updates since it launched. If you think you get zero support from Funcom, try dealing with EA, Konami, Bethesda, Rockstar, Warner Brothers or Activision then come and tell us how much support you recieved.

So is calling all of the other games I mentioned above a finished product because they have bugs fraud also…? Conan Exiles is still being developed and recieving content updates. It has another one on Testlive right now populating the Isle of Siptah with NPC camps, adding new attacks, adding new placeables, a rescue system, and addressing bugs and performance.

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It sometimes shows 0 on the playerlist. If you refresh it, you see the actual number

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gente eu acho uma tremenda falta de consideração o que a ■■■■■■ esta fazendo conosco aqui dos consoles, já saiu outra atualização para o PC 2.3.1, e para o XBOX a ultima atualização foi 02/03/2021, e para nós do PS4 só em 24 de agosto, e continuam a nos enrolar ate agora, nada nadinha de nada, só promessas, como politicos aqui do meu país, vamos fazer barulho senão esta porcaria só vem para 2025 ou mais, vamos nos unir para que eles sintam medo da nossas reclamações chegarem na SONY, ai que perde é eles, vamos lá galera. vamos nos unir

yes total lack, every month spending on servers and keeping people active, because if it depends on them, and if it weren’t for us renting servers, many more players had already given up for good.

And as normal the playstation community is the last of everything why because funcom really doesn’t care about is as long as they get our money

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Yes ’ if you watch the device stream they explain in detail. It’s called dashboarding and they have fixed the problem. There just awaiting Sonys approval for the update. Be well and hope to see you on a server soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Dev stream ’ damm fat fingers

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Fat fingers and auto fill. Kills me.

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thank you. hope my base is still there.