An update on the next console patch:

Everyone says forget the content he did say there are hundreds of bug fixes we don’t have all the details yet cry cry cry your still gonna play the game an still cry cry cry they have to do this update so we can cry cry cry lol

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It would be funny if this update fixes the game then people would be crying about where is the new map facts


Nah ill stop crying when my single player stops lagging and crashing, ill even buy argos dlc, siptah and wat ever other building pieces they add… But only if they fix the game. I dont want to spend another minute complaining on this forum. This is the first game ive ever been this involved on forums bc of the broken bs for the past 7months. So im hopin the bug fixes help, honestly. I just dont trust anything funcom says at all. So ill believe it wen i can play with out lagging everytime i interact with a bench, or crashing ever 20-30mins. Guess will see in 2weeks…


We all know monk even i get on here and cry but like i sad we don’t know everything that is coming with the updated we do know that it’s not just content an i can’t say to much about the single player i play on servers so if your single player is that bad maybe try a server there are some good private servers out there if it wasn’t for the private servers i wouldn’t be playing this game sounds like single player is just like official servers but yeah private servers are a lot more stable i can play for like 3 to 4 hours with out crashing on some of them try out the hive pve and if you want i will come and help you out something to think about hit me up my tag is DANGLING DINER1

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Your game still sucks. I thought I’d pop on today after a long absence and I ended-up dashboarding four minutes in, while running toward a cliff’s edge. I came back dead. Four minutes!

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It’s true. Bethesda games are almost unplayable without mods. The fact that they have two of the most amazing open world RPGs and the absolute WORST character creator baffles me. Do they not have enough money to hire someone to fix that? What are they spending their money on?


Ok. Ya know, I was trying to be hopeful, even happy about 2.3 coming. Siptah and all the new stuff to play with…but then there was something I heard and I became upset again. Why? Well lets see…so supposedly we will get updated 2.3 very soon to play catch up to PC…ok…good…BUT…we console players wont get Siptah with it…but it gets better…pc players got Siptah for what…$19.99? Yet rumor has it console players may have to pay “full price” for it…uh huh…well isnt that shocking…and PC players got a free white rhino…wonder if console players will? So again, a recap…funcom still seems to be jerking the chains of console players…

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Unfortunately it won’t happen but everybody needs to stick to their guns and not buy the DLC for full price and just wait for it to drop in price. and having to wait much longer is ridiculous. business wise only putting effort in PC and not all platforms can’t be the most lucrative way of running a company. more than half their sales is on the console side.


It’s an inexpensive way to keep the lineage of your games by allowing the public the mod them I think Bethesda do this long ago fun come we’re smart. But I think they’re following the path of wild card for the console side you still don’t have mods for ark like developers are just doing what they can to collect paycheck since things are so rough in the world right now with pandemic

Watched the dev stream… 2.3 sounds optimistic, 2.4(only god knows how long this will take to come out)… Supposedly will have more complete effect to performance and stability. Heres my take, again i cant tell nobody wat to do. Anyways i will not spend a dollar on conan exiles until 2.4 is released. And the only way that would change is if 2.3 has a better than expected effect on performance/stability. Do wat u want but zarr’s right about everyone holding out to make a point of these last 7months. I realize times are tough for everyone including the employees at funcom, but a broken game for 7months and counting is un-excusable if thats even a word.


I recomend you watch the livestream in its entirety. It explains a lot kid. You are most likely causing your own crashes.

I watched it and, ‘likely causing your own crashes,’ just no.



We’re linking the Stream recap here to help answer some of your questions.

Our team talked about incoming changes to the base game and to Isle of Siptah, console update, and much more.
A huge thank you to @Multigun for putting this together!

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This is the there last chance to fix these issues or there gonna lose everyone. 1. Porking 2.dropping the server with warmaker keys. 3. Undermeshing if these are not fixed…I’m done

Im sure Im not the only one thinking this but here is a few things that I think could potentially improve the already strenuous relationship between xbox players and Funcom.

  1. Use the specs for the lowest grade xbox running a high grade server if you can make that at least 60% stable then chances are most players would be ok not many people still playing on gen1 Xbox One.

  2. Ask around your Modder Community and see if any of them would agree to let their Mods to be released on consoles as FREE DLC. Good example would be structure texture and placeables Mods.

  3. And lastly most Xbox players have no idea what an OOM crash is much less what can cause them, so perhaps try releasing a dev letter or thread that better explains the crashes what causes them and maybe some preventive measures we as players can take to make crashes less frequent.

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Just by reading the notes from the dev stream it sounds like they are using the Series S as they’re benchmark basically flushing Xbox one and One X players down the sewer. And I would not be a bit surprised that they are still the majority of the playerbase to be honest.

I also still don’t understand how a parity patch to version 1.8 which started this mess (well to be truthfull the mounts update is when this game went south stability wise but 1.8 made it unmanageable) which added nothing to the game simply some changes to current assets could exacerbate an OOM problem so significantly that even the opening cinematic cannot run smoothly and even single player games are impossible to play. I believe there is far more wrong other than out of memory issues.

Also they explain OOM crashes pretty well in the stream notes above, and to prevent them is easy.

1- Never ever leave noob river
2- don’t build any structures bigger than a 1x1 shack with no roof.
3- never have more than one thrall.
4- this is optional but you can also uninstall the game until it is fixed like I did after 4 months of no communication and 2 temporary site bans for just posting facts and very well deserved criticism.


Take note Funcom, on 3 16 gta v put out an update that caused all xbox players to not be able to get on or if you did get on you would dashboard. Not even 24 hours later its patched. Now that is customer service. Point is, gta v listened to a pc modder and tried to improve the load speed for pc and it jacked xbox. But they fixed it without concern of how it would affect pc, keep all your player base happy, not just cater to one group. Thats why im on gta v and not ce. And why I wont be coming back or buying anything else from your company.


PC parity…looking at the amount of bug topics and posts about PC being full of bugs, some from 2.3, and considering the amount of bugs already on XB, along with OOM issues, and the fact that i love commas😁, makes me feel like stability should be a standalone update. A reasonable amount of time and testing to determine if it works as intended would also be agreeable. That time could be used to patch the 2.3 bugs on PC first. 2.3 could be adapted or duplicated for XB then released. I just dont want 2.3 to make things even worse.

I urge anyone from FC that sees this post, to please carry this suggestion to the appropriate person, presented with sincere concern and respect for the XB consumers that have waited an exuberant amount of time plagued by bugs and an inability to play CE.

Please dont allow 2.3 to deteriorate CE, or its community any further.


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I crashed the game by playing the game?

Buy a series S the game does not lag on it, it just crashes every so many hours which is still annoying.

I know you shouldn’t have to upgrade to play this game, the Devs should be fixing it but Tencent are still new here and sometimes these games can be a life draining experience. Wouldn’t surprise me if some poor sod is stuck in there Dev department 24 seven pulling shift to sort this out.

I have a feeling that last gen consoles were not ready for Conan, it’s a demanding game in last gen and me buying the series S and noticing such a difference on it compared to Xbox one is very noticeable.

Ark had similar problems and they sorted it abit where draw distance was toned down more, they also eventually fixed the crashing which is the most annoying thing.