Anarchy and Beauty (Full-RP)

Here is a link to the Guildtag forum, where one can find more detailed description of the server settings:

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Out of curiosity I made a character on this server and have spent a few days leveling and exploring. Over all, not a bad experience.

Leveling is slow, which is a nice change. However, unless you engage in combat, you’ll take forever to level. The server settings around xp, which can be seen at the link ConantheRoleplayer posted in this thread, incentivize you to go out and grind against mobs if you want to level. Given that there are no mods, the combat is the janky mess that is on the official servers. Speaking for me personally, with my arthritic fingers and slow reaction times, it’s a challenge. Sometimes more of one than I think is warranted, given the server settings, but ymmv.

Judging by the number of intact structures, ranging from sandstone to T3, I saw in my short exploration, raiding doesn’t seem to be a problem. Hopefully that means the player community is much nicer than you would find on official pvp. I say hopefully because I didn’t encounter another player while I was logged in. I did see that a couple others were logged in via the player list, but the server settings don’t reveal player names. Add that to a lack of global chat, it would seem to make it hard to develop any sense of community. I suppose that’s happening on the discord, as well as any OOC discussions/coordination amongst characters. If I decide to stay on the server I’ll join, but I didn’t feel it was worth it while I’m unsure of my long term plans.

In summary, if you like slow progression, challenging combat, and want a server that is not over built, check it out.

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An addendum to my original post: crafting is sloooooww. Especially thrall conversion: a T4 crafter takes over 10 hours without a taskmaster.

Did you get banned for posting a review like I did?

Not that I can tell.

Oh, and for those curious, I did end up joining the discord. However there’s no player interaction - it’s just for announcements & news.

Hopfully not I’m glad you’re liking the sever oh it’s a shame what happed with me I am not getting any communication to why I got banned I’ve known the owner of this sever for abit asnd he isn’t the best with communication out side of roleplay witch is a shame

I’m sorry that you’re in that situation. Hopefully you two can resolve whatever the issue is.

I agree that communication, both IC and OOC, is problematic with this server. I understand what they are getting at by trying to enhance immersion by forcing players to communicate in game and IC. However, in my experience with RP servers, there needs to be a certain amount of OOC coordination, especially if you have multiple people wanting to participate in, or help create, storylines. Having someplace out of game where players can interact, like forums or discord, also helps if people want to flesh out their background story and share it with others

Complicating all that, at least for me, is the fact that it’s a PvP server, which automatically puts me in a wary mindset. I’m used to solo play on PvP servers, so keeping a low profile and avoiding other players is 2nd nature when I’m in that environment. It’s hard to let that go and not expect to get murdered on sight, or your base raided, if your spotted by other players.

All that said, they are generous enough to be sharing their server and their interpretation of the game, so we should both appreciate the generosity and respect their vision. After all, if we don’t like it we aren’t obligated to stay.

Thank you I hope we do sort somthing out as this is the only sever I see myself play lol… I came to this game with two of my friends from a world of warcraft sever “The owner of the sever being one of them” and due to lack of communcation it all kinda floped… and now theres anothewr sever but he’s just banned me without telling me why.

And be carefull when i frist played on this sever I did get attacked by somone who I was trying to roleplay with lol but as you I might have to play on a pvp sever solo even oh I really want to roleplay on a sever like this.

The server will be closed for maintenance tomorrow April 3rd, from 3 am to 5 am GMT

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So, Funcom broke their game again, and the only thing I found I could fix so far was to turn the fatality mechanic off on Anarchy&Beauty.
The stamina regeneration that I tweaked before, seems to be working as intended and ignores the update. That is good.

I’ll see what else I can do on the server maintenance tonight. Presumably not much.
I wasn’t going to install the mods I wanted while the population growing on the server, but looks like I will have to now, to fix at least what I still can.

Enjoy the Chapter 4 my dear felloes, and let the torment continue!

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A few words on the server future plans

:feather: Once the population grows enough, some mods will be installed.

Those will never modify the game itself, but only fix what Funcom haven’t fixed, and also serve the purpose to increase the player interaction in RP and the survival nature of the server:

  • Nameplates Off - removes the annoying Steam nameplates, that only ruins the immersion. This will allow making alts (see below)
  • Speech Bubbles - adds bubbles with text over the heads of characters when they speak
  • Ravencrest Couriers - allows to leave notes on claimed land and even send mail to other players (along with other unnecessary stuff that I will likely remove)
  • Severe Weather - will make the proper clothing matter again.
  • Something I can’t find to animate the characters when speaking (like in WoW), and also make pets (not only thralls) alive with more advanced behaviour and patrolling routes - please let me know if you’re aware of the mods for that.

:feather: Introduce alt characters.

(with some restrictions against gaining the advantage in PVP)
This may also require a mod.

:feather: Introduce donations.

That will never grant any advantages to those who choose to donate, but instead will allow me to:

:feather: Move the server to a better data center.

With higher quality equipment, the overall performance will increase.

These are but outlines of what I have on mind about the Anarchy and Beauty evolution, nothing here is curved in stone. Some of these may be introduced way sooner, while some may never be at all.
I will announce all such changes in advance.

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Mods on the server

The Nameplates Off mod (28 kB) has been installed on Anarchy & Beauty.
This one hides the SteamID on characters, that will allow playing multiple characters on the server (the so called alts) later on.

Also this week there will be installed the Speech Bubbles!
More mods will come later (all super lightweight and proven to be stable).

I will give the every mod some time to settle and make sure they work fine before moving for the next one.

Bare in mind that for now on, you will need to tick that Show Servers With Mods box in the server list, to find Anarchy & Beauty!

Speech Bubbles is installed, your characters can talk now!

You can type /bubble_config and configure the mod to your liking.
Here are the recommended settings:

It’s also recommended you bind Enter key to Local chat (instead of the default Num *) since we don’t use the Global chat on Anarchy and Beauty anyway.

Next week there will come Severe Weather (23 Mb) and SandstormEx (1.3 Mb) that will accent the survival nature of the server.

The storm is getting stronger!

SandstormEx mod (1.3 Mb) has been installed on the server:

  • The sandstorm now takes different routes at random.
  • You get a little damage even through the breathing mask!
  • Demonic creatures may be spawned in storm.
  • The storm now will occur a little less frequent.

It also will cause slight increase in temperature once the Severe Weather is installed (it will be in a few days).

It’s getting worse!

Severe Weather mod (23 Mb) has been installed on Anarchy and Beauty:

  • The weather exposure is now more extreme.
  • Proper food and clothing matter!
  • Nights are cold and dark, as it used to be before the Age of War, so grab that torch or make a fire!
  • Shades will help the heat and shelter help the cold.
  • Seasons change weekly: moderate - hot/dry - moderate - cold/wet.

If you encounter some technical problems with the mods, please let me know on

Severe Weather mod has been removed.

More mods will be installed once I am done with testing them in single-player: SnowstormEx, Ravencrest Couriers and MultiChar.

Also I removed the second daily restart to not interrupt the game and the immersion in the most occupied hours. It is now only once a day at 5 am GMT.