Anarchy and Beauty (Full-RP)

Anarchy and Beauty

Survival Full-RP PVP EU Server

Direct IP:

:feather: Slow immersive gameplay in challenging environment.

:feather: Everything is hard. Everything is roleplayed.

:feather: Most important rates and settings:

  • Players gain XP slower
  • Mobs and resources respawn slower
  • Thralls and players are weaker
  • Enemies are stronger
  • Friendly fire on x1
  • Longer days and nights

:feather: RP is text only. No Global chat.

:feather: PVP is mechanical only. No dice rolls.

:feather: Melee 24/7. Increased exhaustion. No target lock.


:sunny: Have proper RP names (character and clan).

:sunny: Roleplay your character. Always.

:sunny: Never mention the real world.

:sunny: Don’t spam building pieces.

:sunny: Don’t cheat. Don’t grief.

Violation of the above, once reported and confirmed, will result in account ban without notice.

:butterfly: No wipes. Very light on mods.

:butterfly: Decay time is increased to a month.

:butterfly: Stamina depends on weight and movement.

:butterfly: Walls are sturdier and jars are harder to obtain.

:butterfly: Meaningful and handsome building is encouraged.

:butterfly: Trolls and immersion breakers will get banned. Streamers too.

I run this server for my own fun with the settings I enjoy.
Be welcome to join if you like it too, or not.

Discord: Anarchy & Beauty
For contact:


Seems ok so far, but the NPC damage buff with the PC/thrall damage debuff AND the resource scarcity (I have got a 30 iron bars only after several IRL hours) a bit harsh. It looks like more of a timesink than an immersive experience, imho.

But the main problem still the same: if you do not have ANY players present on the server, roleplaying seems quite futile.

ill join, but; is it still worth playing?

This kind of real immersive, full RP servers are quite rare. Although - as I said - if there are nobody there who can roleplay with you, it is superflous.
Especially on hardmode: my lvl9 T3 dancer thrall (after almost 24 IRL hour wheel time) in heavy armor was massacered by some riverside darfaries in 10 seconds.
And after I distracted (presumably an admin) player with a couple of arrows - who was scouting my base at night - the HP bar was also made hidden for the NPCs, which also further increases the chances of the already buffed enemies and the significantly nerfed home team. So I’d rather recommend it to lonely masochists.

Thrall damage already has 0.5 overall modifier on official servers. If it was lowered further by half, they only serve to decorate your base unless you have friends tagging along. The same is applied to the players on this server. Solo playing will prove challenging.

I am playing CE solo most of the time since 2017, and after 4400+ hours, believe me I am speaking in the perspective of experience. (Also roleplaying since '93.)

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ill play, I do hope it gets populated though.

I just wanted to point out that even with the hard settings, it can be good and immersive and if you have company you can roleplay as well.
(I didn’t manage to play properly with any other player, as he rode away after two arrow shots and changing a couple of sentences, and I don’t see him much at all.)

I’ve been playing on the server and it is pretty fun even with the hard settings. :+1:

Same as here with a brand new account? :smiley:

The server will be reset tomorrow, Monday 26th.

It is a one time action to implement few mods and settings changes on the server, there are no wipes planned for the future!

I do apologize before those few players who have already been building something, but it shouldn’t hurt too much, since you can recreate it all in one-two days. The server is only two weeks old, and I am looking forward for a better and immersive game experience for later.

More detailed information on the mods will follow.

The server has restarted:

  • No mods needed to install
  • Settings closer to official PVP
  • A bit of the survival touch in rates
  • Stamina exhaustion closer to pre Age Of War

Server Direct IP:

:game_die: Note to the Roleplayers

This is not D&D, we throw no dice. We play the actual game as it is, never breaking character. OOC is not allowed.

:shield: Note to PVP-ers

Just let the server population grow and stabilize at first, then do your evil thing and face the consequences.

:heart: Note to dedicated Builders

Please build as much as you desire! Just keep the number of pillars and foundations to the minimum possible. And I will send all my loving to you!

attention, let me introduce:

:feather: The Stamina Regeneration Custom Balance :feather:

The rates for Stamina usage, exhaustion and restoration have been revised and customized for Anarchy & Beauty server:

  • You feel more difference when wearing light, medium or heavy armour
  • The speed of your Stamina restoration depends on your load
  • Stamina regenerates slower when you move and faster when you’re static
  • Exhaustion feels significant, more like it was prior to the Age of War release

Note: All this was achieved without using mods, but only server-side scripts and some rates adjustments. I only utilized what was already added to the game by Funcom but was trivialized or never used.

Hey ConanTheRoleplayer
I tryed to make direct connection to this:
It could not find the server
How can me and my friends join the RP community?

The server name is Anarchy and Beauty (Full-RP) and bare in mind that it restarts twice a day at 5 am and 3 pm GMT which may cause you miss it in the list.

Is there any guarantee that you won’t chase the players from your third server/attempt as well?
I didn’t read about measures to prevent toxic admins, but I did about arbitrary wipe/banning and demonizing pvp on a pvp server. Again.

The map rooms have been disabled on Anarchy & Beauty

This server is about exploration and immersion, and also interaction between players as in RP and PVP. So no more fast travel nonsense!

Besides, this is the first game ever where the mounts are in fact enjoyable to ride!

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I’ve finally made it in and I’ve been some what busy with building and getting my bearings in the sever and doing abit of roleplay while I do it!

Here is a photo of my character outside of his safespot named “Safe Gather”

I’m really enjoying myself within the sever i love the not haven global chat making it more immersive and it makes it so much enjoyable when you encounter people!

I do think the sever needs afew mods to make it even more immersive and more suitable for roleplaying I am not verry knowledgeable with the ingame mods but I’ve seen some on other severs witch will be great for the sever if anyone knows the names of these mods please comment them! One of them gives you a tone of ingame emotes for your character E.G standing poses and what not, the other I would like to see is speech bubbles for above your heads! Aswell lastly maybe a mod for knocking on doors would be nice aswell.

I’m looking forward for the future of this sever and I hope others will enjoy it as much as I am hopfully I might see you there!

After The followed review I written out I was rudely interrupted by a permanent ban of the server for no apparent reason I don’t really understand as I have tried to fully support this server and after reading the rules on the discord and how to support the server I decided to give out a review however it turned out that the owner doesn’t appreciate the player base in this server or the people that support it if you want to be rudely mistreated and neglected with zero communication-ooc I do recommend you join the server

It is such a shame because I can’t find any other servers like this one and it looks like I won’t be playing Conan for a while as this is the only server I can really see myself playing I hope that the owner grows up and truly understands how nasty and corrupt he is when I haven’t done anything malicious towards them personally for this rude unwanted permanent ban