Ancient greek clothing

I’m trying to find some armor that looks like ancient greek(Attic, not Roman or Spartan) clothing. Not sexy armor, but anything close to everyday clothing they would have worn. Dresses and tunics with clasps at both shoulders, etc.

I’ve looked through the workshop on steam and didn’t see anything like that, so i’m asking here in case i missed something.

I haven’t searched yet, but I’m also going to need a mod that let’s me change the outfits on crafting thralls. Thanks in advance.

Mh… It might not be exactly what you are looking for, but the Aquilonian bathhouse set (I know, it’s Roman and you’re looking for Greek) included a long tunic covering the two shoulders. It is the closest tunic I can think of to fit your description. Unfortunately, the front part is very loose, it does not cover the cleavage like you would expect of the typical ancient Greek tunic.


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Thanks a million! This is way better than the closest I’ve found(and that still looks more geek than Roman to me).
Is that in a mod or from the bazaar?

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It was from the bazaar. The bath was put in the bazaar twice so far from what I can remember. They might sell the clothes again in the future, who knows? Or maybe you can ask someone from your server who has it to craft it for you?
I am not a 100% sure you can wear what you do not own though. I think it was an issue on the PvP servers at the beginning of the age of sorcery (someone stealing a dead body would not be able to wear their looted armor if they hadn’t bought it), but it might have been fixed since then? :thinking:
I wonder now…

are you looking for mods too?

I’ll have to wait for it to show up again as I’m strictly single player.


U cant use any bazar stuff which u dont own

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Bathouse top + Aquilonian tasset, sandals and bracers…my “home” clothes

Thanks. I’m going to have to wait for the bathhouse set to show up again.

Toga from Immersive armors

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