Bazaar Costumes and Consistency

This one has a modest proposal.

But first, some background.
The Aquilonian Bathrobe (Thermae Robe) is hand crafted from silk and twine.
The Turanian Cook outfit is crafted at the Armourer Bench with silk and light padding.
The Aquilonian Evening wear is crafted at the Armourer Bench with silk and twine.
The Aesir Smith outfit is crafted at the Armourer Bench with leather and light padding.

The inconsistency is vexatious.
Requiring padding for what is obviously not armour is annoying, moreso when we already see clothing options that do not require the extra step.

Also, why do clothing items require the Armourer Bench?
Or rather, why is only the Thermae Robe lovingly hand crafted while the Aquilonian Evening Shirt is manufactured at a bench, by slaves, probably sweating?

This one is not asking for improved stats or complete sets, just mild consistency in how obviously non armour clothing is being produced.

As a condolences, how about workers placed at the Turanian stove wear the Turanian Cook outfit and workers at the Aesir (basic) Blacksmith bench wear the Aesir smith clothes? They are, being bottom tier stations, purely for decoration anyway.


The Aesir Smith might pass as it’s kind of incomplete light leather armor or thing similar to padding to a real armor.
But cook? :thinking:

I personally hate how smith’s outfit behaves in the wind, like it was made of silk, it moves with the wind too much. It’s a protective piece of leather made to withstand hot sparks, metal filings and such…


This one doesn’t object in principle to them using armour padding if they were armoured.
Or, alternatively, if they had significantly more heat resistance.
If any clothing is going to protect from stray pyrotechnics, the smith apron would be it.


I love this man

Maybe all in-game clothes should be crafted this way. Because, you know, most real world clothes are.

Yeah, I was surprised to see the bathrobe hand-crafted.

Most “clothing” items such as dancer outfits are crafted at armorer benches anyway. It makes sense that only the coarse sackcloth is handmade.

Just one wish, please. We don’t need another huge workbench for a Tailor thrall or something to craft our non-armor clothes.

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This one must disagree.
It does not make sense that clothing is crafted at the armourer bench.
It’s not Armour. How in the cluck is a bathrobe supposed to become more protective because it was made by a person trained to knit mail and hammer steel and benefit from better facilities for tempering and case hardening?

While not advocating for a separate clothier bench, this one would rather see gear noted as Clothes, rather than Armour, either hand crafted or crafted at the artisans bench with the carpets, pillows, and other sundries.

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*Stares at Bulked Plating upgrade. Stares at Aesir Smith set. Not armour you say?:joy: I put that upgrade on everything.

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More examples:
Stygian war drum - constructed by construction hammer under Instrument Category
Stygian war horn - crafted at Artisan Bench

inconsistency is everywhere


Did you add that plating by hand or did the armourer or tinkerer do it at a workstation?

Employee crafted. Character applied.

I agree with you, some recipes require the use of a blacksmith bench, others that of the craft table and finally for some they are handmade !!
It would be easier to implement an to weaving a wheel with a wheel to threate the wool and other fibers to allow us to make the clothes differently from the armor which they require metal parts.
For example we make the parts in the tissue with the toilet job and then we assemble everything on a forgeron atmosphere.
(for more realism) (Celars requires sheeping for wool) and in addition to making crafts more complete adds more options.

So, it was clothing when the armourer crafted it, but once it was taken off the armourer bench, it was hand modified to become armour…
You do see why this one finds this all more than a little amusing?