Cooks Should Wear White/Light Coloured Uniforms

It would be nice if the Cooks uniform was a different colour from other craftsmen. Their uniform, ie-Light Turban, Leather Aapron, Leather Workgloves, etc, should be displayed as either a White of Light colourant. This would be more in keeping with their profession, and help us differentiate them from from other craftsmen, eg-Blacksmiths, Smelters, etc who wear the standard brown colours. Plus it would be nice to have a little variety in what our craftsmen wear.


I’m personally not a fan of the uniform system in general. I liked when the named thralls all looked different. You could identify them by their look versus them all having the same outfit. But I probably have an unpopular opinion in this area.


Then we can be unpopular together. I would very much prefer to see unique thralls with a unique look than everyone wearing the same apron, whether they’re Darfari, Cimmerian or Skelos Cultist.


Cooks are the easiest one to detect and look more different than many other worker thralls (IMHO). You sure, you mean them? :smiley:

And I am also at @Wak4863 and @Kapoteeni side, named thralls should look unique.

And this was even in the game?? Why was that patched out? facepalm

I remember they once used to dress just like Fighters, Archers and everyone. Well aside from Dancers. Dancers were an exception, then Taskmasters began to wear Hyborian Slaver Armour, which I quite liked. This suggestion was born from a desire to see them differentiated a bit once again, hence the Cooks could wear all White. I liked the brown aapron and gloves on Blacksmiths and Smelters, but not so much other craftsmen such Tanners and Alchemists. Armourers should wear some very nice armour instead (eg- Heavy Armour, Aquilonian, Blood and Sand); after all its their trade.

I would love to see them all (T4s) wear different outfits, but that would be a lot, and I mean a LOT of variations for each different named thrall. Or did you all mean one per profession here…? Help me out here peoples…

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Well, there are hundreds of named thralls in the game if you count Purge-only thralls, so unique looks for each of them might be too much to hope for. But I’d like them to have something to tell them apart from the common rabble, yet thematic to their faction.

How about this: a different “uniform” for each profession - instead of using the same apron model for everyone, have some different sorts or work clothes. Then T4 versions of these thralls could have a different color to their outfits. You could then add Faction theme to them with trousers or skirts, headwear and shoes. Although still not ideal, it would have some thematic elements as well as recognizability.

The Darfari would probably be the hardest folks to thematize, but I guess it could be done with fancy, colorful headdresses.

Hmm… I think I need to play with the Fashionist mod a little and try to come up with outfit concepts for different flavors of craftsmen. If existing assets can be used for acceptable solutions, it would make it more likely that Funcom actually does something like this for us.

Zeb I absolutely an unequivocally agree with that, and it would be my preferred option for that matter. This one you see before you…well…I lets just say that I have been getting kinda restless lately. We have been asking for exactly what you suggested time and again for a considerable time now, but to no avail. I guess I just thought I would try a smaller approach and see if I could get a bite. I would take your way anyday, if Funcom will play ball with us on this one. Maybe we should request it on the Mailbag thread…

You mean like (example) a Dogs of the Desert Cook with a reskinned Hyena aapron and workgloves…? No in all seriousness I would love some work unique work clothes for each profession. Or even customisation as Zeb said.

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Thumbs up for more variety in craftsmen thralls!

… and more beard styles for us and thralls!! What … thats visual variety!! I guess more hair options too :wink:


And visual variety is a welcomed friend in Conan Exiles. We still need either that Barber in Sepermeru, or Vanity Mirror I says.


Maybe something like that. After some deliberation I’ve come to the conclusion that the one basic apron model we have now is too limiting, especially since it comes with a vanilla coarse shirt. When every craftsman wears the same thing it becomes hard to tell them apart.

The brown apron is fine for blacksmiths and smelters (who can be told apart because smelters have those heavy mittens, whereas blacksmiths would not need them). If the apron could be dyed white, that would work for cooks. If the apron model could be separated from its undershirt we could have a more classical image of the sweaty muscled blacksmith, Asterix-style:


Then we have tanners, carpenters, alchemists and armorers. Something other than the standard-issue apron could, and should, be used on them. Actually, the Debaucheries DLC “inn-keeper shirt” and “Artisan trousers” could make a decent carpenter’s outfit. As for the rest, I need to think about them some more.

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I find myself in agreement with most of the attire suggestions you have just offered. I initially began to to think that the new Inn-Keeper armour could serve as a Cooks uniform, but it does have an Artisan air to it doesnt it. I do quite like the bare chested beneath the aapron concept for the Blacksmiths. Alchemists are an odd one which I am having trouble visualising.

Ps- Asterix…oh that takes me back to a number of fond memories. :slightly_smiling_face:

How about a Kambujan Shaman bottom, with a Faction-themed top and headwear? I kinda imagine alchemists as robe-wearing people in the Hyborian Age, a bit like priests and other occult practicioners. Kambujan bottoms have a different silhouette from e.g. Cimmerian fur bottom and other similar skirt-shaped clothes currently in game, so it would still be reasonably easy to tell apart from fighting-folk.

Here are a couple of examples of what I mean - on the left, a female Relic Hunter alchemist, and on the right, a male Relic Hunter carpenter. Just some basic dyes applied to standard in-game items (including DLC, but not any modded items, that is).

Thinking about it, I think brighter colors would be better suited for Relic Hunters, but you’ll get the general idea.

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I think if we all band together, we can get all thralls customizable. Let’s flood the Suggestions! :joy::joy:

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I agree, I think they should design more tradesman clothing and each type of trade should have a different type. That way we can see right away which type of thrall it is. They could probably keep the leather apron for one of them, either the BS or the Smelter but it would be nice to have more dyeing options on it.

And we should be able to craft and make this clothing too and place it on our crafting thralls and of course on the archers and fighters. :smiley:

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Okay, here are some quick concepts I made during the weekend:

Black Hand alchemists

Black Hand carpenters
(Models: Conchaka of Hyrkania and Galter of Bossonia)

Cimmerian alchemists

Cimmerian carpenters
(models: Dalinsia Snowhunter and Ulrik the Mountaineer)

Dogs of the Desert alchemists

Dogs of the Desert carpenters
(models: Amzadi the Wanderer and N’Batu)

Nordheimer alchemists

Nordheimer Carpenters
(models: Janos and Chieftain Alfhild)

How do you like these?

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Kapoteeni most of those are great! You seem to have a knack for this sort of thing. Although if it were different by faction, I can see serious challenges arising for some. For example, Relic Hunters: a wee bit tricky, Voltares of Skelos: trickier again. Now here is the hard one (for me anyway: Exiles… They all just wear the same generic rags.

Yeah, I already figured some factions would be problematic, which is why you don’t see an example of e.g. Darfari in there. And I’m still totally lost with armorers and tanners.

The Relic hunter shirt looks just fine with the Kambujan bottoms for an alchemist look, but the “carpenter” (Innkeeper) shirt has a very similar silhouette to the Relic Hunter shirt, so distinguishing those isn’t quite as easy. So rather than the relative uniformity to go with my earlier examples I’d consider using headgear to differentiate between Relic Hunter professions. There’s a variety of turbans, keffiyehs and similar cloth “hats” that might be useful in this regard. Mixing and matching Shemite and Turanian light armor pieces could also work.

The Darfari are a real challenge to me. Seeing them wearing clothes just doesn’t feel right. Headgear feels like the only potential solution here, and few of the existing designs fit into Darfari aesthetics (at least those that are visible from any distance - the various earrings and headbands won’t work as identifiers). Color-coding them isn’t a perfect solution either, as the Summoning Place in particular is so poorly lit that you can’t tell white from black. Various skirts (such as the Innkeeper female skirt) could also work here to give a more distinguishable silhouette to certain professions.

And yeah, Votaries rags have a somewhat problematic silhouette too. From any distance, it already looks quite similar to the apron outfit. Thus far my solution to identifying them is shooting them with an arrow, and if they don’t have a yellow-rimmed hitpoint bar, I just kill them and be done with it. But understandably, that’s not an acceptable long-term solution as far as this thread’s topic is concerned.

Ideally, if Funcom releases more “social outfits”, they could be repurposed into further artisan outfits. The More armors from Age of Conan thread has some useable-looking bits and pieces for our civilian brothers and sisters.

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