Crafter thralls outfit

It’s weird to see darfari cannibal’s crafters or an alchemist or cook with blacksmith apron, please, let us change their outfit (that will be awesome) or revert the last patch changes (random clothes was better in my opinion for role playing purpose), please.


I kinda agree. Yes, it was difficult to tell apart Darfari crafters from warriors, but for them specifically, the cultural dress made sense. They don’t even have smelters or blacksmiths (at least they didn’t before the patch) who would need a protective apron.

As for everyone else, I’m happy for the change. Now I know to pull my punches when someone wearing an apron approaches me.


Well I just look their names I don’t need to see an apron :rofl:
That is why my first move is to keep distance, to look at their names

That is hard for me because I use a spear but well, I try to don’t hit the crafter if I need one…but for me it was easier before the patch because usualy the crafter had different clothes or bare chest so I don’t get confused with other’s uniform (if you go to Black Galleon you know what I mean)

And of course a cook or alchemist thrall with apron…looks strange, that is why I ask to let us change their outfit

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