And again about emotions

I’ll leave this question in a separate thread though.
Emotes that are sold in the Market.
Some of them can be applied to tralls, some - and most of them - only work with your character. Moreover, which one will work how, you can find out only after the purchase - there is no information about this in the description.
Gentlemen developers, don’t you think that we need to make them ALL work with tralls? Well, or at least give information in the description? For example, I play myself on a private server - I just build cities and try to create a semblance of life in them :slightly_smiling_face:, and emotions that work only with my hero are absolutely useless for me - but
I have already spent money on several of these :confused:


I can’t give you a answer. I believe we should know what works on thralls or ourselves be it emote weapons or armor otherwise we are being abused. And I don’t pounce on Funcoms mistakes. We should know what we are buying and what it does have most of the 54 000 crom coins I purchased just don’t what to do with them. Edit 5400 Crom Coins.



Yeah, it’s easy to agree with. I’d like to do both, providing a clearer image of what exactly you’re buying regardless of the item type, as well as making emotes work across the board. I’ve been working on documentation for the team to execute on bot of these points.


I about died laughing when I found out you could apply emotes to golems. They can also do the verbal part of emotes, which is scary.

But, if an emote doesn’t loop; and loop smoothly which many don’t, It makes little sense to me to apply it to a thrall.

:thinking: What about stacking nonlooping emotes to make a looping emote. Like set up a thrall to run through the "flirt"emotes.


True - but I’d love to see all looping emotes, as well as all “posing” emotes, applicable to thralls.


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