And again, after another 1 month break, the same game breaking bugs like before

purge broken
thralls do not attack
mobs have no aggro
thralls levitating

when funcom will fix this ? the vacation is over. community server are empty and dead

  1. They are already working on the purge.
  2. Thralls do not attack what exactly?
  3. Every mob I have encountered has aggrod on me so I don’t know what you are referring to.
  4. When the new pet system is unleashed the floating thralls will die.

Oh and NONE of those things are game breaking. game breaking implies that the game will no longer function or crashes every time the bug is encountered. That is not the case with any of the issues you posted.


Sorry Oduda,
Game Breaking doesn’t mean the game…breaks.
Game breaking is subjective, like deal breaking, it is just a way to say that you feel to play the game less in the event of.
My game breaking issue will be most likely different from your game breaking issue.
Regarding the bugs the opener mentioned, in my experience I can confirm they are ALL there, on daily basis (and to keep this reply short, but to answer your question, just search the forum for detailed description from players about those problems).
I guess you are just very lucky not to have, or see, those bugs.

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And didn’t bother to check test live patch notes (3 of them) or newslettes. Just straight to the forums to gripe. MAYBE it would be a good thing for you to look at what Funcom has been working on for the last month before making this post, eh?


I believe all those bugs are either working or being worked on in testlive now, so the next patch should address those issues and more…Funcom are taking more time to iron out the bugs this time around so we don’t have another very bad patch like last time.


Funcom seems to release 2 major patches a year, with DLC’s as a prelude to those patches.

First patch is to fix new bugs, but unfixes old bugs, followed by hot-fixes for show-stoppers (only).
Second patch is to fix old bugs, and introduce new bugs.

hands up Just describing what I see.


Sorry Clowns but that is a very poor definition of game breaking. As for not encountering these issues, aside from #3 I never once said I never encountered them. Perhaps a little more reading would help you there. I did clearly state that numbers 1 and 4 are already being worked on and have been stated as being worked on and I only asked for more clarification on #2. Are there bugs in the game? You bet there are. Are there bugs in every single game on the market? You bet there are. But not every bug is “GAME BREAKING!”.

All those issues listed are, as pointed out, either already fixed or actively worked on on TestLive.

Additionally, as clarification, we define “game breaking” as

  • a bug that causes the game to be nearly unplayable or so unbelievably difficult to run stable that it loses all sense of fun.

  • an item or skill so out of balance that anyone who wouldn’t use that skill or item would not have any chance of competing (ie in pvp).

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I hope the offline raiding glitch gets fixed soon more and more people are figuring it out and its not good for the official servers

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