Android phones don't show full forum page

To do list:
Make sure all areas of the forum can be seen on mobile devices.
Mine is a xiaomi Android using chrome browser and often you get this

Near the top under the header there is something highlighted in blue and I can’t see what that is. It may be unimportant. I know I’ve brought this up before.
I can also see it ends with “This device”

Click it. It looks like a link… to adventure!

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Exercise all caution.



LOL won’t let me click it. Oh well, it obviously doesn’t require my device.
You click it.

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My message was about reply notifications. It went away when I clicked it.

It’s on every page on my phone lol
Just cannae click it!!

Yeah those banners don’t fully display anyway.

But I caught your message on Firefox : “Do you want to install Funcom Forums on this device ?”
If you click, it creates a shortcut on your desktop :