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Hey @Oduda sorry to put this request in a public thread, but can you please post a new message in our chat PM? I can no longer access the toolbar for my profile on my mobile device again. :point_down: :roll_eyes:

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Bad Funcom!!!


I have that issue too. Iv just learned to live with it at this point.

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But you shouldn’t have to. :rage:

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Augh, sorry for the trouble. Layouts keep changing and it’s hard to keep up.


Quit poking at it :yum:

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Majority of my time I’m on the forums I use my phone when I tap my profile or get a notification my drop panel doesn’t show the names it just looks like this

I can see the names if I slide it along so it’s no big deal to me just annoying sometimes.

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grownups should not be interneting on fones anyways. :wink:

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I recently have started getting notifications on my phone when some people make a post. I use tablet and phone tablet is easier to read.

been that way for aloooong time on my end. just thought it was an i phone issue on the forum…

Just drag your finger on that drop down menu and you can scroll up, down and all around to see each notification. Mine is the same way on my phone, I think it’s an apple 14.

“Don’t you guys have PCs?” :smiley:

Sorry can’t be at my pc 24-7 like everyone else :wink: gotta go to work and make that money so I can give a small amount of it Funcom to buy an expensive chair from the bazaar that I’m probably never gonna use. Gotta use the phone to pass the time.


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