Angle of view is disturbing

It was mentioned b4 from others, I know. But what really is disturbing for me in this game is this angle of view with a feeling of looking down at the ground in a maybe 20 degree position and you can’t change it. I think it is for purpose as this angle of view shortens your oerview of the scene by around 50% i guess. But it makes me a bit headache, i find it unnice that I can’t look free at the scenery, look straight forward like a hero, more down like a coward and feel a bit “imprisoned” in a small cage of view. It really may be purpose to make the fights more challenging, but it is annoying like hell for me. Any plans to change something in this matter? Maybe that at least while not in fight (enemy contact) could look a bit more straight and enjoy the scenery and feel like a straight guy?

I’m with the same feelings, man! Let us play with the camera, please! Devs!

well, and if a dev may read this, here are my feelings with some recommendations: (my steam critics, positive)

Really nice made game which succeeds transporting the characters and the overall Immersion of a fallen world with much charme and sarcasm. It is story driven and pretty linear, stealth is an important factor, and it has in my eyes more to do with games like Robin of Sherwood, Desperados and Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun than XCom. I had so far just 1 CTD and some very minor issues, it seems so far pretty stable.

There are some things which could be better:

  • the fixed angle of view gives the feeling the heroes look permanently a bit on the ground and is at the beginning a bit annoying, it feels not good. This angle and the “FOV” it forces you make it a bit hard to decide/see the best location to progress/defend/retreat to.
  • I would really like more interaction and talking between the main chars, more independent movement of the chars you atm not control (like looking under garbage if there is something useful to find or argues and commentaries). They are a bit “unlive” and static
  • the “Arche”, the base camp isn’t made with love and very underwhelming and unimpressing.
  • there could be more unique stuff to find (like unique senseless but cool sunglasses, something like that) and more unique sights/places the chars stumble upon and comment.
  • the comments could be a bit more sarcastic and have a bit more “spice”

Overall it would be nice if some stuff would be a bit more polished or reworked. I don’t share the opinion that the difficulty at the beginning is pretty hard. You just have to keep in mind that this games heroes aren’t supermen and stealth, observing and passion are the keys. A wrong
movement or too early attack could be unforgiving. Well, this is the games spirit.

Thank you for the feedback. The isometric camera angle was chosen because it would give players a decent overview in combat scenarios and it made the transition between real-time movement and tactical combat easier.