Animal Pen dosn't block foliage spawns

Game mode: Online official
**Type of issue:**Bug/Misc
Server type: PvE/Pvp/PvE-Conflict/
Region: America

I noticed large items like the Animal Pen, and also the trebuchet, don’t block foliage from spawning in thier footprint, this is extremely annoying considering how large of a footprint the Animal Pen takes up, and how much sandstone I’d need to waste on a floor for my crafting area, I’m not sure if they’ve addressed this yet, anyone know if its a fix they are working on or plan to get around to?

1.Placing an Animal Pen/trebuchet
2.Waiting a short period of time
3.Foliage appears
4.Foliage continues to spawn under these items.

Simply build some foundations, or structures under or around it if your want not ressources to respawn.

Are you aware placing items directly on the ground causes decay? It takes a while, but I place pens/maps, well, really everything, on a large pad of foundation blocks.

Try looking at the pen through a repair hammer and you can tell if decay has set in.

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Decay, indeed may be an other issue coming after the flore and stone respawn.
But this may depend your settings, and you can ever turn it off on singleplayer or privat server, so bit up to each if not on any official servers.

In singleplayer as example, i turn often decay down, not off completely, this allows to clean up if i forget some stuff, but while i’m alone, there isn’t really a need for a harsh decay-system like on a populated server.
But that’s a complet different thing.

Simply put at least one foundation, or fence foundations somewhere around your pen, and you should be fine. :wink:

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