Animal Pens and other Large Items don't stop foliage spawn in thier footprint

Game mode: Online official,Online private,Single-player
Type of issue: Bug, Misc
Server type: PvP, PvE-Conflict,PvE
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Sorry to re-post, but the other thread was locked so I couldn’t reply to clarify, I was playing on a Non-Decay server my friend owns, also I have this issue on a server where I have large enough walls around my base in a pve-style base to keep the decay timer on the Animal Pen/Treb at 168 Hours.

The Build I was using was an fort type build, with a open air court-yard with walls surrounding it on all 4 sides, and its at least 3-4 foundations High with archery positions, I didn’t want the entire footprint of the court yard to be covered in foundations, as it wasn’t my intent, I decided to just move the build somewhere where I know the trees/bushes wont re-spawn, but I was thinking something as large as an animal pen would block the trees, bushes, rocks from re-spawning under it, the Animal Pen was also intended to be freely used by the public on the server, to place animals in for taming, or take tamed animals.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Placing an Animal Pen/trebuchet
2.Waiting a short period of time
3.Foliage appears
4.Foliage continues to spawn under these items.


Hey there @TheCyberchill

Thanks for the clarification. Our team is looking into this issue.

You can easily place some fennce foundations, and so avoid all spawn in the given place.
Others may like the fact that trees, some rocks may still be around, and give a more natural look.

It’s easier to turn off the spawn, than make it come back.
Also most people will place them on foundations anyway to avoid decay.

Myself i use them also in singleplayer, and some server-settings freely, but like said, then i use some more or less hidden foundation to avoid spawn if i want that, or i enjoy the natural feeling, and chose the place in a given way.

Given the nature of the OP (well written, concise and detailed) I was compelled to post this screenshot of a portion of a friend’s large, very well designed ‘guild hall’.

It’s been in place for quite a while and he was unwilling to raise the Aquilonian foundation to eliminate the treetop you can clearly see in the middle of the floor.

Online server, PVE, private, I am not admin. @Ignasi, I will gladly DM you the particulars of the server and location of what now (as I understand it) is a bug. Leave only footprints; take only memories :slight_smile:



That’s unfortunately bit so in all sandbox games with the groundcovers.
Maybe a day we will get a system when covered with foundations they will go transparent, or such. But this isn’t only in CE, it’s the case in most games you can build bases. One of my main concern mostly when i build floors and bases. I would love have floors more even to the ground, unfortunately there are very few places you get the best result. :wink:

I tried laying regular foundations and then placing them pen on top of them. Sadly this didn’t work out so swell as the pen placement seemed to completely ignore that the foundations existed, and would only snap to the ground under them. I have since noticed that a few of the other placeable structures completely ignore the existence of foundation blocks.

Pens don’t ignore foundations, they sink in them.
If you put your pen on foundations, you want not have rocks, plants and trees respawning, what is the discusssion in this tread.

I would say, the problem is the big size of the pens, to make them fit, they actually sink in. You can see them trough if you build it on a second floor.

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