Trees growing through my Animal Pen

Not really a bug, more of a question about building. I cleared some forest in the higlands to place my Animal Pen and the trees grew back through it.

i did not set it on a foundation, does that matter?

if i set it on a foundation would that keep the trees from growing back?

thanks for any insight.

in general, you should set most things on foundations to help ensure you have the maximum decay timer available. Repair hammers measure decay timer. In your specific case, I think the answer is yes

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that’s what i thought. i also reread the wiki and saw where i missed it the first few times i read it.

thanks for the help, @Ranson

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Np. this game is very deep and has many levels of challenges: fighting, building, crafting, and there are different tools to learn about to help meet those challenges. The wiki at gamepedia is an excellent site to learn

no doubt!

i’ve been at it over a year but mostly solo offline once or twice a week and i finally made it north and started a new base by the Sacntuary Ruins @ H-8. it had been so long since i had a new build i forgot what i did. :slight_smile:

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