Animals multiplying

Anyone ever have animals multiplying? I first noticed it when I attacked an animal, and it split into about 4 or 5 of the same animal. Anyone else?

Do you have any mods installed on the server you’re playing on?

Playing SP actually. Using the Calamitous mod. Only other one is the “Pause on Escape” mod. Didn’t think the latter one would interfere, but I may try losing that one to see what happens.

I’m running multiple servers with Calamitous only, and I’m seeing the same issue. I’ll make sure the mod dev knows. I wasn’t sure if it was a mod only issue, but I’m not seeing any other posts about it, and I’m on an official server now, and I’m not seeing the issue.

Yep, same here now. Seems to reset when I restart the game, but if I don’t, some creatures, and even NPCs will multiply in a serious way. I just ran across like 50 of one animal, when there is usually 2 in that location. Just started doing this, too. Must be something with the new patch, I would think.

Think it was fixed, but I only get that from what I’m seeing in game, no answers or anything.

Yes, kill a rock head and two fall dead… come back latter there are now two rockheads… kill both, come back and now there are four… kill them all and then there are 8 got to 16 and had to restart server to get things back to normal/

I left a comment on the Calamitous mod page. Got no response, but it hasn’t been happening the last couple days. I’ve seen 30+ rockheads where there’s usually 2! lol

Oh I’ve had this problem on PC, private server. Would be at mounds of the dead, inside those old huts I would hit one Wight and it would spawn several others, this has happened three times fighting these foes.

THIS one is happening unmodded. Saw it on Official #403.