Animals vs Thralls



I didnt consider this before… but wont the taming system kill the thralls?

Animals are strong, some much stronger than humanoids. I recall seeing a Funcom video about a Bear vs Silent Legion and the bear won the combat. Using the game logic I see more pros than cons to use animals:

  1. Animals are stronger
  2. Animals dont require armor
  3. Animals dont require weapons
  4. Animals can be upgraded into Greater versions which will be even better
  5. Animals produce resource
  6. If they die, you wont lose resource from lost crafted gear, you can simply replace the animals

Did I miss something? Why would anyone use thralls as defence?


Not having to provide armor or weapons makes animals a no brainer vs. thralls.

Probably just keep a few of the named thralls that kick reasonable butt though. Dalnisia triplets ftw.


there is one thing better than animals, or thralls , a group of animals and archers behind it. XD


Hopefully some of the new AI options that we’ll eventually see will answer this question. Of course right now they’re all pretty stupid, so the normal advantage of human servants over guard animals don’t really show.

But yeah, it’s not an either/or with regards to animals vs thralls. It might simply be a matter of availability - thralls are everywhere, baby animals less so.

Personally I don’t care too much about min/maxing everything (I also use whatever armor I feel looks best rather than what is best-in-slot), but obviously that’s a luxury I can afford only because I don’t play PvP.


A single cimmerian berserker in silent legion armor, wielding Hanuman’s Gada can solo a group of 7 frost giants on official servers.

This is multiplied with 2 cimmerian berserkers. One gets what one pays for.
I for one would rather feed 2 berserkers, than 10 werewolves.

Besides, there aren’t any pets that can machine gun throwing axes, while being stationed on a boulder, out of reach of melee.

Thirdly… Pets can’t incapacitate purges first wave and stop the next wave from happening for 40 minutes with truncheons. Thralls on the other hand, can. Perfect offline purge protection. “But what if purge is monster and not humanoid?” The throwing-axe brigade can answer that one for you. The trunchies are crowd control.

Thralls beat pets into the ground…

For someone who has played ARK for 2 years, these pets are re-skinned non-customizeable thralls.

The most useful pets are the one who create resources inside of the pens, like the rocknose.


Me neither, but thats still counts as resources. Casual players cant harvest / spend so much time grinding tons of materials just to go to waste in a offline Purge, not to mention the many hours it takes to capture and break several new thralls. Animals in the other hand seems like less work to replace.


Thralls using truncheons to stop Purges? Thralls AI can barely follow a player.


There is a strange phenomena where if you equip archer thralls with throwing axes and bow and arrow AND a melee weapon, they switch between them reliably and work quite well.

The more you teleport via maproom, the more unreliable NPC’s can detect you.

Thralls aren’t good at staying in a follow state too long. Thralls aren’t actually individuals as much as they are a hive mind, connected to a server. The server does all the thinking for ALL the thralls at the same time… so that thrall’s mind, who’s following you, is actually pretty “absent-minded” with the worries of 900 other thralls.

My base defence consists of a parameter of separate columns with archers on them.

I’ve been offline purged twice while I was on vacation in greece. Only lost an archer thrall to purge archers.
The melee guys seemed dandee. Melee dudes don’t like it when archers get smacked, makes them very angry.


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