Anniversary Quests

Why is it F/C never adds where the quest giver is for the Anniversary Quests. Not only are there new people in the game, but there are those that have never done them before. So …

“Classic Anniversary content, Shadows of the Past and Acheronian Soul are available for the duration of the event!”

The Quest giver for Shadows of the Past is on the Old Tant dock near where you arrive from Khemi.

Acheronian Soul? Anyone?


“Acheronian Soul” is


the last boss of this quest :slight_smile:

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Thank you, the write up made it seem like there were 2 quests. I’ve done it before, but never noticed the quest name changed part way through.

Oh well, and here I was hoping for something new.

You are welcome :slight_smile:

But to be sure, lets wait for someone else to confirm this…

I found confirmation on the interwebz Proof from 36:10

Just ran it and paid attention to the quest name. It breaks into 2 quests once you get up on top. The Shaman at the bottom closes out Shadows of the Past and a Pict Warlord closes out Ach. Soul once you port back to OT.

Oh and the Tortage Smuggler you need after clearing the sewer is on the next pier over from the Khemi travel guy on the OT docks, do not go to your home city smuggler.

It would be nice to get the anniversary questline ( or questlines, i’ve only ever seen this Shadows of the Past questline) added to achievements. *hint hint, funcom