Annoying corruption after teleport whit transportory stone teleport

It’s very annoying when corruption doesn’t disappear completely and you have to wait a while until it disappears after you teleport with transportory stone teleport fix this please why does it happen that you have to wait a while for corruption to disappear

for it not be abused on pvp for sure

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Corruption comes from using sorcery or going into areas where there is corruption. Transportory stones are part of sorcery and using them will cause corruption.


To the op…While it’s easy to perverse your soul with evil, regaining purity is a bit harder to do. I know it sucks to sit and wait as far as the game goes, it makes sense why it is the way it is. If you want to speed it up, might I suggest cleansing brew and dancers?


Well, this is frustrating but completely justified. Portals are OP, so giving the debuffs is some kind of balancing things.
Personally i think active portals must punish players even more.
Using them sometimes (1-2% chance) may lead to some teleport malfunction and throw you to random locations around the world. (Happens to me once - got launched through the mountains straight to the jungle area in real time, looks like noclip flying with high speed =D)
Another idea, long working portals should spawn (rare chance) some hostile creature (single) from the abyss (corrupted mini bosses, storm monsters etc). But they cant damage buildings, only players and thralls.
Neat idea to create some situations inside your base + additional loot from mobs.

Transport, throw down bedroll if not already placed, pull bracelet and the loc is removed. Use dancer or cleansing as others suggested.

I could not agree to a chance to teleport you to a random location. The extreme inconvenience of that (even at a low rate) would exceed the convenience of using the teleporter.

However, I don’t disagree with the general idea of them being unreliable, as long as it isn’t that punishing.

Spawning a demon is a better idea, but could be difficult to fight in smaller rooms (and players probably should not be encouraged to build larger rooms).

I think another possibility which would surely inconvenience Funcom devs having to implement it more than the players, would be for the teleporter to randomly send players to a small, otherworldly room where we would come face-to-face with some demonic entity, who we could kill for some loot, or run to a portal and get sent back to where we came from.

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I understand why the mechanics are the way they are, but the end result is some really unsatisfying gameplay.

Yes, there should be a tradeoff, but when that tradeoff involves alt-tabbing away into another window while you wait for the Power of Horny to “cleanse” your toon’s soul, it’s … meh.

Wait, for real? Thank you! :smiley: :heart:

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Yessir. Discovered by accidentally goomba stomping a clanmate while another loaded through the transportory stone… Lol

We’re like OOOOH, ok cool.

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