Transportory Stone - corruption different on Exiled Lands and Siptah

I’ve built Transportory Stones on Siptah and the old lands. Using the stones on Siptah gives 25% corruption and in the Exiled Lands 75%.

Is this what other players are seeing? Is this by design?

If this is by design, my guess is the increased corruption cost is to encourage players to use map rooms. (or to mitigate the lack of any other fast transport on Siptah)

Another difference is trying a quick 2nd transport on Siptah I got a “your can’t transport now” message, while in the old lands I was able to immediately transport, but doing so put me in low double digits in HP and single digits in stamina.

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I seem to be getting different amounts of Corruption sometimes. Haven’t studied it enough to see if there’s a pattern (such as it being distance based?).

Then again I just have a coven of Acolytes (read: entertainers) standing around each Stargate, sorry, TStone to handle it.


I heard it’s based on the distance you teleport, but since the three porters I’ve built are pretty much equidistant to each other I haven’t paid it any attention.


That would match my gut feeling - transporting from Sep to Stargazer’s is better than going Sep to Volcano, etc. which is where I have mine atm - Sep is home base, might change that if the only Purges I can get are :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: locusts :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: tho.

PSA for those who didn’t realize yet: Naming your Transport-Stone will use that name on the ‘floating rock’ when picking a destination.


I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or if one of my mods is breaking things, or whether it’s a feature of Single-Player, but my transportory stone names reset after restarting the game.

I’d suspect a mod before anything else (as always), especially when dealing with a newly added feature.

Doesn’t happen on Officials for sure.

It is based on distance traveled for the amount you get, the amount that remains, and the timer length you have to deal with the amount that remains. If you are within a single grid square, we are talking 3 seconds and about 10% total corruption with 3% continued. If you are across the map, you are looking at 3-5 minutes, 60-70% corruption with a 26% continued.

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Oooohhh tha i not was knowing :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:

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thats sounds like right and a ok deal for it :ok_hand:

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What I truly wish for is that we can have separate links vs one giant web of interactivity of stones. I would prefer to use the maprooms for the longer jumps and then teleporters to my desired locations but having all of the stones show up is just cumbersome. 1st world sorcery problems.

With further testing, it appears to be distance. In the exiled lands, I have two stones near Sepermeru that are just inside of render range of each other and they give a tiny bit of corruption. The other is in the volcano and that is the one that corrupts 3/4. On Siptah the stones are about six blocks away by horse or four as the bat demon flies.

Thanks for the replies.


That makes perfect sense! I assume it still gives “LOC Tainted” even for the tiniest trip, though.

for me

Corrupted mage 50% always, but no mater where i am, exiles or siptah - after 3 -4 teleports in row, i am 1/1 HP and 0/0 stamina on LOC… I guess its 25% corruption based on players max stats not like for everyone the same?

Did any1 tried to build portals on edges of the map and try to see if it possible at all to travel from farest point in the north or east up to farest point in the south or west without corruption actually killing you lol?

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