Transportory Stone

Couple things on the transportory stone:

  1. Is it intentional that this bench cannot be moved? All other sorcery benches can be moved or deconstructed with the hammer.

  2. Is it intentional that using the transportory stone can corrupt beyond the 50% point? I seem to recall on the livestream that 50% corruption was intended to be a maximum. I have reached ~70%.

I think #1 is intentional because I swear there is a way you can use maprooms and pick them up before you teleport to the ob. I haven’t tested but i have heard rumors this is possible.

As for the intentional aspect of going past 50%, i believe it would have to be since the default is 50% cap but Den seemed surprised in the streams that it went beyond 50% so when your lead developer is surprised, that leans that this was a unintentional.

  1. Yes, it’s a teleporter pad and moving it could risk bugging out users
  2. Yes, it’s tainted. You’re meant to be at your weakest point possible after using it. Not just a quick wipe off and run back out to fight

I’m hesitant to test this, but is it then possible to reach 100% corruption by not clearing it and teleporting again?

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I haven’t tried it that far, but you have to do more than twice. Only some of that corruption is able to go beyond. There’s regular corruption and tainted corruption. The regular stays at 50%, tainted will take a few tries. If you’re feeling brave give it a try for science

using the teleportation multiple times i was at one point 90% corrupted and had to wait for the timer to get rid of it i didnt try it anymore but i will later

Server ever comes back and I think I will.

I had this happen to me. My corrupted player used a few of them in a row and was with little to no health and no stamina after this and the world around us went a bit dim and we couldn’t move or do anything and just had to stand there a few minutes until it cam back to 50% all at once. Was a weird couple of minutes but I was lucky as my last transport with it was to my base.

The only problem I have with the stone is the way it names the stones in it. It would be nice to allow us to name the stones because sometimes I can’t remember what that stone goes to, I have like 8-19 portals set up.

This is from the August 4 stream summary.

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You can re-name them, it might have to be ignited first tho

Three or four quick teleports will leave you at 1 health, 0 stamina.

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