Another PS4 Official Server crash!

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: Mid desert

Wow - what a idiotic waste of my time. On PS4 I’ve solo/co-op played Conan Exiles pretty much through every achievement including making the Keystone to escape. There were several annoying crashes that caused me to lose hours of effort & valuable tools, weapons & resources when my laden body would be missing or inaccessible. After a few rage quits, I finally changed the admin setting to NOT drop all my goods on death as I could not rely on this game to let me rectify the situation properly. I’m sure that is a common narrative for many of us.
So now I decide I’m going to dive into some PvE, then PvP action on dedicated servers.
I’ve been playing on Offal Server #3731 (I think) for several nights & had another crash (fighting near a Dafari village then my stamina stopped replenishing and began dropping until game freeze & error message) while out foraging which respawned me to the desert, leaving my new set of iron tools, armor & reams of resources behind. Okay fine, I’ll go get all my crap back… but wait! My dead body is NOT on the map, nor can I find it when I repeatedly return to the exact location several times.

Frankly, a crash like this that so punitively effects a player when they have done absolutely nothing to ‘naturally’ create such a consequence is ridiculous. As we all know, it’s frustrating & annoying to the max.

Can Funcom not tweak the game settings & protocols such that IF the game crashes you don’t lose all your goods & progress? How about a post-crash restart choice to either respawn as per usual OR an option to choose 3-5 minutes earlier at some auto-save point.
Yes, I am suggesting build in some kind of fail safe auto save feature that would get applied in the event of the all too frequent catastrophic crashes… or build a game system robust enough to actually work properly.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log into an Offal Server
  2. Play the game for hours, enjoy that sense of accomplishment that comes from exploring & producing.
  3. Receive a random crash that wipes out most of your hard work for no good reason.
  4. Be angry, very angry.

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