Another Question About Sigils

So I’m level 63, modded single player, and got my first sigil. I’m planning to eventually go into the maelstrom at around level 70-80. My question though is do the sigils remain applied on server restart, e.g. between gaming sessions? They usually last between 30 and 120 minutes depending on work and what my family is doing.

They stay until you die, and you can loot SOME of them (not all) from your dead body and reapply them back.


Did not know that, cool.

Better use on animals/thralls u may die in storm not counted on level what u are on, u still die 80% luck of it…

Well pets and thralls too, but they can hold up to 3 skull bosses into storm, unless they are not molested into wall or by gang (10 mobs in one time)

For me till now i found only one normal helper in that storm, hard to get but if u get it, its op and if u even give him 8 sigils he almost instakill every minimob in storm, 3-5 min to kill one 3 skull boss, after 2 of them he will be like 4 k HP left, then just run out, because then mobs will start to spawn too much

The animal i talk about is Sabertooth… He is only obtainable in one place but when u get it and grow greater variant of him , and if he gets perfect stats , then u can actually wander around storm ez

I had 2 times this type… verrrrrrrry OP

first 3 stats at level 20

  1. Str- 400%+sigil boost 60% + potions + food+30%
  2. agi - 300 armor+100 from dunno
  3. vit - 10.5 K + potion = 11500 HP

Perks was +5 Str (10level) , +5Vit(15) , +5vit(20)

grow chanche was 64% , 60 % , 88% ( str,agi,vit)

If u got cat like this he is actual god in maelstorm… just give him 8 sigils and he will kill anything unless wallpushed or bugged


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