Anti cheats system

put a program to detect cheats players

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Funcom doesn’t care in the slightest. They would have done it years ago if they did. Its too late now

Well they did manage to say some year ago that there is one, which obviously is a blatant lie. It was fun to see them lie straight to our faces thou. and if there is one, it is extremely useless

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Years ago I linked them to all the programs, the free ones and the ones for sale. Well, at least the ones I know of. I didn’t get a response.

It is my opinion that this is a critical flaw of aoc that if they fixed it, they would get more players to return then the ones that would get banned. Make it hurt too, ban the accounts for life.

A point, I haven’t played really since the pvp saga server so I’m not just reacting. I’m just sharing what is wrong.