PVP Woes and a Message to Funcom

Cheating bear shaman on the other team, his alt - afk on our team. Is there anything at all that could possibly be done about this? If someone petitions them, nothing happens. If you email funcom with a video of that person either afk or using hacks, still nothing. If you complain on the forums… nothing. Report? Nope, nothing will be done… This is a message to Funcom: is there ANYTHING AT ALL that can be done about these problems? whether it be on the players end or Funcom’s side. Is there anything that can be done?


I understand your frustrations.
But first of all you should determine if that one specific player really uses hacks.
Hacks in AoC exist, that’s a fact.
But there are way more fake accusations about hacks than real hacks.
I have been accused many times of hacking, and I even don’t know where to find or how to install an hack for AoC.
I have send wrong hack accusations too in the past.
For sure Funcom should do something about this. They should check themselves with GM during minigames.
But Funcom has never done anything like this in years, and I would be really surprised if they start now.

About the afk problem, IMO they should implement something similar to RaidFinder for kicking AFK players.

don’t think they want to help

the man in question was indeed hacking mr korando, I can verify with my noobness

I’ve accused people as well and later realized they weren’t hacking. I’m less focused on getting a specific person banned and just asking is it possible for funcom to do anything if someone is hacking or afk. Because there doesn’t seem to be any effective support for this game, and im pretty close to cancelling my sub and uninstalling if they refuse to do anything


No they will not do anything about it. They never have and never will. I don’t see how it’s hard to come to terms with this.

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I’m in denial :sob: and i’m probably going to just keep qqing about it for the foreseeable future.

They have no intention on fixing anything , their silence speaks more then their words ever will . @AndyB and the rest of funcom just hide their heads in the sand as they dont have the skill/ability or in game mechanics knowledge to understand their own game . They are just caretakers , keeping the game alive to milk the last few dollars they can from those that sub , customer service in this game died a long time ago , i meam they cant even be bothered to answer petitions anymore .
Age of Conan is the last Funcom game ill ever play because they have a terrible customer service record , buggy in game issues and lack of community spirit/care . Try to enjoy AoC for what it is , i just stop doing minis and log out when these idiots ruin our minis (usually 4 to 5 times a week).

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Also stop bringing them to help in sieges!

Bit hypocritical when I see many of the known offenders defending the BLR keep.

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Yesterday, had some bori rares and i thought I would solo cap Met a nice player, agreed not to engage, bit of trading and some good conversation. But as I capped solo, I was jumped by at least 3 players. Finally let me leave after chasing me to the door after killing me several times.

Yes, I know it’s a PvP zone, yes I knew the risk- but when I am obviously soloing and instead of grouping with me so we’d all share in the rewards, it was more important for a certain guild to get kills and brought 3 or more - frustrating. And a guild I had thought had more honor than that.

I learned a lesson. The lesson is PvP is woe and even “friendly” guilds that spam all the time have no honor, self-respect and hurt all PvP as much as any other issue that has been discussed at length. Maybe it’s all PvP guilds? Attitude.

No wonder pvp is dead and the PvP servers are dead.

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Spoken like a true pver

The saga blood server was 100% fun. People were totally respectful and great to play with. However that’s partly cause we all knew the minute we stepped foot into a pvp zone that ment pvp.

Now if you are getting farmed in bori you either want it or are a 100% nablet.

There are 2 exits and multiple rez pads.

No one goes to bori to get kills they go to have fun. They assume anyone in there wants to have fun too.

I heard all about yesterday and those involved. I think the morale of the story is if you like pvp you’ll enjoy bori…if not…dont go in there. Soloing bori is like soloing t6…just stupid


How did you hear about it, it s not any of your guilds…?? Of course I QQ a bit in global, but that was not the whole story.

The eyes of Set are everywhere my dear

Stop bringing who to help ? Last night we was 23 BLR and Kaza from Team Rocket while we was ghost seiged for the 2nd time in 2 weeks , minis games are a problem everyone knows this , throwing rewards to people to get them to stop is so sad , being held to ransom , id rather do what i do and stop minis when they are in them.

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Seems like if you don’t play like others want, you are nab and plus invited to stop playing altogether. I don’t get why it’s taboo to do both pve and pvp. Sure I am the not the best pvper around, but it can be fun although that’s rare anymore. I suppose I should stick to my PvP retirement, one would think pvpers would want more players, not less. Seems pvers are invading their playground, so we should leave them to it.
Anyway, this is last post on PvP for me.

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@Jarafin We play on a PVE server man , i PVE more then i PVP now days , mainly because funcom is clueless/ignorant to a lot of the problems in PVP . Carry on playing the game however you see fit man and enjoy it for what it is , Funcom have turned a blind eye and continue to distance themselves from PVP , hell they wont even answer petitions anymore from their beloved pvers .
Lets be realistic here Funcom are not gonna fix minis , they are not gonna police their servers like they should , and like other more professional game developers do , they are the nabs of the developer world . AoC is the ugly step child that has been passed from game lead to game lead , each time we get a new lead dev they care less because its not their baby , just something they have been put onto to keep the life support cash sucking machine going as long as possible , anyone who really cared about this game has been gone a hell of a long time.


3 of us went into bori because it showed 3 players in. We killed them a couple of times, i spoke to you in tells and told you we were leaving. That was the end of it. The fact is that Border kingdoms are pvp zones, we didn’t farm the players, and I thought that was good on us.

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Be optimistic. We will work out the kinks. But a little patience please?

Also remember…balanced sieges!

Pvp minis and premades during NA time. People looking for open world and some progress made w afkrs tonight. All welcome progress.

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