Some anti-cheat program for AoC



Hello. Its been a known fact that any mmorpg has its exploiters and cheaters. Age of Conan suffers much from them, expecially on minigames. there are lots of proof videos about cheaters on youtube in AoC, there are functional website that sell this software for AoC.

I have suggestion for dev team to implemest some of anti-cheat program to AoC client, for example

This one or this one

That will be nice support of fair play on PvP, and will help bring more people, that leaved because of exploiters and hackers.

Please send + if you agree with me.



But, FC didn’t used any kind of anti-cheat/hack/exploit software, since May 2008, and you expecting from them to do it at 2018? Never gonna happen for ‘‘several reasons’’. They gonna say ‘‘Our badget is low for such software’’ as an excuse, and/or they ignore AoC community one more time. They gonna say ‘‘No proof XYZ player has cheat’’. BUT WAIT…At least they have anti-troll software at old forums… Anzu Professional Edition.
After all…THEY ARE FUNCOM. One of the oldest & best anti-cheat engines.


There are plenty of anti-cheat software, i dont think that is TOO expencive for FC, after all, they planed PvP Saga 2, and it will be major disappointment if there will be cheaters. It just ruin all competitionalism and purpose of PvP.

I hope FC will do something about it.


None of the anti-cheat software is actually good enough to keep up with hackers of some level of sophistication. It might actually work in AoC though because there’s probably not enough money to be made out of AoC to bother spending the time keeping the hacks updated, if you go with that theory it could probably be solved with code updates, though.


Yep,it’s hard to detect .exe / .dll injections…Well…That happens only with Funcom games…I wonder how the hell every other company/game can use similar softs to detect>block>ban 3rd party craps, but at the same time it’s SO HARD for fc to do same thing…


Years ago, i offered a few lines of C++ code to detect “timing differences”. There are many timers inside a modern PC that u can use (TSC, HPET, RTC, PIT, …). You do not need to pay for a 3rd party software if you have some free programmers to do it.


correct start, support +


I played thousands of minigames, and only a handful of times a legitimate cheater (real speedhacker, or comber player) changed the outcome of the match.

The truth is that the players turning to cheats in this game are very weak players and can’t even utilize the cheat to make any difference. Putting effort into some kind of anti-cheat, doesnt seem worth it, when it’s something that will need constant updates.

The handling of afkers and trolls is a different story completely, and this is where they need to add attention (change something so GMs are able to punish them more easily)

On Crom, games are usually decided on who gets the trolls / afkers and not.

TL:DR, Cheaters barely impact anything at all. AFKers and trolls are the real issue.


Exactly what Lurvi said. Handling trolls and afkers is what is needed (and the ability to play with friends…). Cheaters are not even that common and don’t really impact the game because they suck and have no idea what they’re doing. Of course it would also be great to have code updates and bug fixes but the team is so small now and a lot of knowledge of the original code must have been lost over the years…

About 99% of the cheat accusations are wrong anyway and simply due to network issues, lack of knowledge of the game and plain old bugs. Run AoC on 2 PCs side by side, use speedbuffs and jump around doing combos on one machine while watching the other screen and you’ll very quickly understand what I’m talking about. Yes, it’s pretty terrible. It was a bit better with EU servers for most of us, but it was still terrible compared to other games (although MMOs generally don’t have a very accurate netcode because it’s simply not realistic with this type of game).

And an anti-cheat is way too much work/effort for such an old game. Implementing an anti-cheat at this stage of development would cause stability and performance issues and probably open new loopholes and make it unplayable for many due to false positives and whatnot. That’s really not what this game needs.


Sorry bro but not one MMO on the market has succeeded in stopping 3rd party programs. They can occasionally detect them, but by the time they do the cheat programs are changed and keep running…also there are many tools out there for free that hide things like exe files from being detected…knowledge is one of the many differences between a person that cheats without ever being caught and those that get caught constantly.


I am a piece of hardware, thank you.

That is quite easy to answer: they don’t. Each and every online game is constantly banning players and updating their anti-cheat solution.


I’m for the Age of Conan without cheats!