Anti-raid off non-functional


Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe


As already mentionned one month ago, whitout any answer or patch to fix it, the anti-raid off is non-functional.

The problem is the following: once the server has restarted, it “erases” the information about the players/clans who are online or not. The server considers that all players are online again. Or rather erases the information saying that players are not logged in. Therefore, players can attack buildings, even if the opposing player/clan is not connected.

Let’s take an example, step by step:

  1. The player “A” is online. Everybody can attack his building, this is normal.

  2. Then, the player “A” logs off. No one can attack his base anymore, that’s perfect (anti-raid off).

  3. The server restarts (auto-restart).

  4. Everybody can attack now the base of the player “A”, who is not online !

As said, every time that the server reboots, the system consider that all players are online.

Many of our players and clans get their assets destroyed, even when they are not connected.

This creates tensions and the departure of players, because of a technical problem that you have to solve.

Our host is G-Portal.

Thank you, kind regards,


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You mean that you have PRIVATE server and you set raid ONLU possible when player is ONLINE but somehow it’s possible to raid them even if they are not online? Or im missing something?


It is a private server, i.e. rented from G-Portal, but open to the public. The anti-raid off system is activated, and works, as long as the server does not restart. As soon as it restarts, it is again possible to attack the bases of unconnected players. However, in the server configuration, anti-raid off is always enabled. It is as if the restart erases the information about whether players are online or not.

Tu dis que quand le serveur restart , il t’est possible d’attaquer tout le monde , mais est ce que ca dure ensuite tout le long jusqu’au prochain restart ? ou est ce qu’il y a une période pendant laquelle ca ne marche pas et ensuite le système fonctionne ?

Voici un exemple concret :

  1. Le joueur X est connecté, tu peux l’attaquer.
  2. Le joueur X se déconnecte, tu ne peux plus l’attaquer (anti-raid off).
  3. Le serveur redémarre, tu peux alors de nouveau attaquer le joueur X, alors qu’il n’est pas connecté, malgré l’anti-raid off activé.
  4. Le joueur X se connecte, puis se déconnecte. Tu ne peux plus l’attaquer.
  5. Le serveur redémarre, et tu peux de nouveau attaquer le joueur X.

Le redémarrage “efface” d’une façon ou d’une autre l’information que le joueur n’est plus connecté.

Ok merci de l’explication , @Community , after chatting with the original poster, he means that how the systems work on his servers now , (dynamic system) , is that , upon each server restart , player/clan can be raided untill they first connect and log out , then the system works normaly for said player/clan ( can’t be raided while offline )

I don’t know if it’s a known issue ?!


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