Anti-raid off still non-functional - DynamicBuildingDamage

Game mode: Online private - G-Portal hosting
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe

Like many PvP server administrators on PCs, I’m sorry to see that once again you only fix minor bugs (200 in your last 2.2 update!), but you don’t focus on what wastes time for players and server administrators.

Sorry to see that you don’t answer messages. Sorry to see your lack of consideration.

I’m trying once again here to report a bug that ruins the PvP experience on the PC. Hopefully your usual arrogance won’t sweep this return once again.

As already reported several times for weeks, your anti-raid off system is deficient. With each automatic restart of the servers (G-Portal), it is again possible to attack buildings and defenders of unconnected players.

This bug is exploited by many players, who take advantage of this flaw to attack bases, with impunity.

We use the DynamicBuildingDamage option to activate the anti-raid off.

The problem is the following: once the server has restarted, it “erases” the information about the players/clans who are online or not. The server considers that all players are online again. Or rather erases the information saying that players are not logged in. Therefore, players can attack buildings, even if the opposing player/clan is not connected.

Let’s take an example, step by step:

  1. The player “A” is online. Everybody can attack his building, this is normal.
  2. Then, the player “A” logs off. No one can attack his base anymore, that’s perfect (anti-raid off).
  3. The server restarts (auto-restart).
  4. Everybody can attack now the base of the player “A”, who is not online !

As said, every time that the server reboots, the system consider that all players are online.

Many of our players and clans get their assets destroyed, even when they are not connected.

This creates tensions and the departure of players, because of a technical problem that you have to solve.

Thank you,


I respectfully agree this needs to be fixed ASAP. Many issues with the game are dealt with by “just use the sliders”. None of that matters for those who want Dynamic Building Damage to work properly.

Any time the server resets, planned or not, all buildings are set to raidable. The raidable state persists until the owner of a building logs in and back out.
This bug makes Dynamic Building Damage broken and ineffective.

Thanks for adding Dynamic Building Damage. Please make the default server reset
state unraidable. Thanks.

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Hey @TutoConanExiles

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve relayed it to the team so they can take a closer look at it.


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