Anti-raid off still non-functional. PLEASE FIX IT!

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe


Funcom, sorry to bother you during your nap, but your lack of reactivation to fix bugs in your game is simply killing an already rare community of players.

As already reported several times for weeks, your anti-raid off system is deficient. With each automatic restart of the servers (G-Portal), it is again possible to attack buildings and defenders of unconnected players.

This bug is exploited by many players, who take advantage of this flaw to attack bases, with impunity.

After splitting the few remaining players by launching Isle of Siptah, you will continue to fix with an unacceptable slowness the bugs that the community is reporting to you.

Your game is a huge bug, which you are obviously not able to improve. Instead of getting out Isle of Siptah, that nobody plays, and low-priority DLCs, do your basic work please.

As already mentionned one month ago, whitout any answer or patch to fix it, the anti-raid off is non-functional.

The problem is the following: once the server has restarted, it “erases” the information about the players/clans who are online or not. The server considers that all players are online again. Or rather erases the information saying that players are not logged in. Therefore, players can attack buildings, even if the opposing player/clan is not connected.

Let’s take an example, step by step:

  1. The player “A” is online. Everybody can attack his building, this is normal.
  2. Then, the player “A” logs off. No one can attack his base anymore, that’s perfect (anti-raid off).
  3. The server restarts (auto-restart).
  4. Everybody can attack now the base of the player “A”, who is not online !

As said, every time that the server reboots, the system consider that all players are online.

Many of our players and clans get their assets destroyed, even when they are not connected.

This creates tensions and the departure of players, because of a technical problem that you have to solve.

Thank you, kind regards,



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