Any ETA on F7 being patched?


Hi Funcom Staff, F7 (Undermesh) is practically being utilized on every populated PVP server. Do we have an ETA on when this is going to be rectified?


Would be nice to see a post in regards to this from someone on the community team.
Public PVP servers populations are slowly fading away. Sadly, this isn’t encouraging anyone to return or stay around… lol.

You have better chances submitting tickets from each of these servers here:

Eventually, if Funcom receives enough reports, they may prioritize one spot over another.

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This was an inquiry on a status on game breaking mechanic. Not on how to report.
Yes, there will always be multiple undermesh areas however this one is just rampant at the moment.
Worst part is, everyone is being super blatant about it right now too. lol…

Funcom - please consider removing body vaulting as this will alleviate so many issues. Undermeshing can be dealt with however its always a time sensitive thing.

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