Any news on the devil dogs in the sandstorm being put in?

Any news on the devil dogs in the sandstorm being put in?


Unfortunately ‘Sandbeasts’ still do not spawn in during sandstorms. A number of other users such as myself have requested that the Sandbeasts should indeed spawn in during them. Because from the time we can build a Sandstorm Mask, they go from being a threat to a mere annoyance. The Sandbeasts would give the Sandstorms a greater sense of danger I feel, and make high and low level players alike really consider legging it if they see them. Although I have a feeling that therein lies the hesitancy to do so. Sandbeasts are formidable opponents, and downright deadly to lower level players. Theyd really have to get out of there post haste.


Like anything in the game, they can have sandbeasts not spawn in sandstorms in T1 areas.

Would love that. Also I feel there is need for an equivalent in other areas

Yes, i think you’re right, they ever moved the sandstorm, and i saw complains about the sandstorm beeing to deadly for new players.

Myself, i loved still lot the sandstorms, and play mostly with a mod making the sandstorm deadlier. Maybe the very start-area with no beast, or just lower beasts ?
I think it’s just not top-notch priority right now, and they want first the purge and other stuff working correctly for nearly all players.
But yes, i would love see them coming ! :skull:

Would fit the cinematic intro.

Any creatures fighting in sandstorm is deadly even to mid level.

But they can do it to ways remove damage but if player is outsside it can spawn sandbeast based on lvl 0-10 lvl 1 sand beast. 11-20 lvl 2 , 21-30 lvl 4. 31-40 lvl 5, 41-60 lvl 6

I agree, the Sandstorms are so cool to behold. And as Caco said it would fit with the intro. I agree that the Sandstorms shouldnt be able to affect players along the Newbie river, and they dont seem to be a priority at the moment. I would still like to see them spawn in during Sandstorms though. Perhaps having a setting or option in the server setting or admin panel to enable/disable Sandbeasts spawning inside Sandstorms would be a good solution.

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Sure, options are still fine, and very useful to satisfy most people.

Yes, i would love the sandbeast, ever if they’re deadly mostly, at least for unprepared or new characters.
Also what would be simple to implement in a singleplayer game becomes more tricky for multiplayer, that’s a fact. But there would be a cool addition.
Could also be that the river area, starter zone, there are beasts in the sandstorms, but you can just see them in the far, hear them howling, growling.
Then when you move on, with each sandstorm, they become more present, real, start to approach, hit you, and make damage. And some special areas around the sinkhole, or else, there would be more.
That’s just bit imagination, but i think it could be cool and immersive yes. :wink:

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