Any plans to have swimming thralls/mounts/ or pets?

Any plans/suggestion for having your thralls, mounts, and/or pets swim with you instead of staying on shore till you make it to the other shore (yes I know a mount swims if you are on it, slowly) .

I don’t know if you’ve tried quite lately, but my horses swim with me fairly reliably. I also have thralls who do it too, but only a few. Try the islands around Heliograph Heights.

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So it sounds like its a bug then that the others don’t swim or that some do ? I hope for the former as that would mean that this will be added down the road with a bug fix and they are working on it.

I just don’t really know how these things manifest themselves. My personal interest is that I have an island base and need to drag thrall and horse across frequently. It has been a real delight to swim with my horse Pollux. Castor, her sister, will not swim. The only connection I have with the humanoids is that the T3 bearers seem to do it well.

If I’m being charitable, perhaps they roll these things out in small increments to see whether there is any breakage. But that’s me being hopeful maybe.

Would be nice if you could use poison antidote in the water too. How about a shield or just bat their arm away. How about the poison washing off their weapon in the water ?

I think he referred to the fact that followers don’t go into the water on their own, let alone fight in there. They only go to swim if their AI has a stroke.
Would be good if they’d go into water with you, not just stand at the edge, and eventually teleport to you if you got out of water.


Exactly. They just stand there waiting to die watching you swim away.

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I’ve done a lot of testing (to replicate a reported glitch) to see if I can kill my horse by drowning, and to be honest with you, two of my mounts do indeed swim with me.

I’m going to test my buff pony Horst today to see if maybe newer-placed ones do it better.

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Whoops, apologies! But I meant pets and thralls by “followers”. Horse is a mount, and they can indeed swim. Sorry for not being clear :upside_down_face:

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The horse will swim if you are riding it but otherwise stays on the shore or stays in the water where you dismounted it. Pets and thralls just stay on the shore until you get to dry land. They don’t swim with you currently.

As @rolee9309 says sometimes they “have a stroke” and swim with you. I currently possess two humanoid Followers who do indeed swim with me. I’m still trying to figure out why, but they do it every time.

For mounts, if I dismount my horse in water (in SP), it swims with me. On my Official Server, two of my horses will follow me from the beach and swim behind me. Not all though.

Yes, overall an AI update is really needed now, it feels like this is the last thing making this game astounding.

Oh, they definitely swim on their own sometimes too :slight_smile:

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