Any Savage Wilds servers with official-like pvp rules?


I’ve been looking for an unmodded or lightly-modded Savage Wilds PvP server with rules similar to an official pvp server, especially with decay turned on. Anyone know of one?

You might be interested in my server. We have some mods, but they were carefully selected to keep pvp balance. No level increasing mods. No god weapons. No insane high armor, etc.

Combat, power gaps, etc. all remain vanilla.

Most of what we’ve done is try to add a bunch of extra content without changing the vanilla feel. To that end, I’ve added 7 more dungeons, a 20 round scripted arena, and a new adventure zone and extended quests.

There is a lot to do, and a lot going on, with new unique items…but all in the confines of the vanilla rules and feel.

We have 24/7 pvp and weekend raid. We have very few rules (similar to an official server). There is no overbearing 5 page google doc of rules. You can read the rules in about 30 seconds and they are common sense.

Building limitations are very generous and flexible.

(Development Update (Week 4) - Crom's Wrath - Dungeons, Arena, Quests, Weekend Raid, New Zones, 3x (pc na))

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I have created a PvP server with my friends today 01/06/2021, it is a x3 exp and x2 farm with an economy system and a market in which to spend the money.

At the moment we are 6 but we are waiting for people to enter the server.

Direct connect: