Hard time finding a Savage Wilds server that fits me

Ok, I’ve mostly played on Official servers (Exiles and Siptah) but have decided to try out Savage Wilds on a private server. This has become more difficult than I expected.

I’m hoping to find a server that meets the following criteria:

  1. Decent population (at least 10+ folks on during peak times)
  2. No high fantasy (I want to stay in in the Conan universe)
  3. Not really into the adult themes. Some is ok but I don’t want to play a “fetish server” where the focus is on that.
  4. Not big into the roleplaying. Similar to #3, some is ok but I don’t want to have to write a novel to create a character or to engage in PVP. I’m not really big into PVP but I do like the danger/excitement it can bring and having the setting of “nobody can loot your body” seems to take away that fun.
  5. Related to #4, I thought I found one or two servers that interested me but then I started seeing things like using dice rolls for PVP? What?!?!

Simply put I’d like to play a server that is somewhat similar to vanilla Conan (some mods/RP is ok) but that has an active “ok sized” population. So far I’m struggling to find one like that. I may need to adjust my requirements (I really do want to try Savage Wilds) but wondering if anyone has suggestions?

Thank you

Well based on the lack of response I suspect I may need to change some of my requirements if I want to play a populated PVP Savage Wilds server. Suggestions?

This is probably going to be even harder. The majority of the populated PvP servers are either RP which you had some experience with already or vanilla EL ones.

I started on @Biggins server. Settings are good for me and my mate (24h pvp with no raid, but I think he also has pvp ones). I trust he is a good admin.
Server has low pop for us because they are in US time zone and we play in EU, but that’s fine for discovering the map (the map looks huge though, I’m not sure you’d find people there even if it was full).
Also the *3 on harvest and xp means that you won’t waste your time farming stuff. It’s generally fun!

Still looking. I stated Croms wrath about a week ago. It seems chill. PvP raid sat/sun 7-12 eastern. pvp melee 24/7. dm me if you ate interested. You can clan up with me and see if it’s to your liking. I still haven’t done any dungeons, as I am slow playing it tbh.

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Sanctum of Cthulhu sounds like it’d be a great fit for you

Please take a look at my server, Crom’s Wrath. It sounds like a perfect fit. We are a modded Savage Wilds server with TONS of extra content, but all based on vanilla conan and no high fantasy.